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Preach it sista! Let's all give this person a round of applause! Like why do you care what we like to listen to??! What's wrong with listening to different kinds of music?? It's nothing wrong with it at all, we are all just different! It don't matter if we can't understand what they are saying, if it sounds good, it sounds good! & we are going to keep listening to it. If we want, we can always look up the lyrics later right? lol Non Kpop fan: I don't understand this Me: I don't understand you Non Kpop Fan: What? Me: huh? I don't speak BS, try again! What do you guys think about non kpop fans? Don't you think they go too far sometimes?
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Non kpop fans are a bit annoying when they ask that question and I feel like its the dumbest question ever. Why would I listen to something if I didn't like it? No I don't understand what they're saying but the music is hot and I like it so doesn't that make sense. The question of what or who got you into kpop is much better to be asked than why? Normally if I'm asked that I don't explain it though I show them and I put on the best hip hop song from a kpop group or a Korean Rapper and just let them fall in the pit that is kpop 😂😂
Yasssss I agree with you 👏👏😂🙌
Out loud, i'd just say "okay bye." But in my head, i'd say "Wow. Holy shit. I honestly didn't realize i had to understand their language to recognize that they can beautifully sing. or spit fire ass bars. I've been enlightened. I've seen the light. Daeeeeebak. That's a word i learned. In the language i don't understand, but am learning to understand. See that? It's called using tu cabeza. Know what that means? No you don't because apparently English is the only fucking language OK ANNYEONG! ♥~"
Lol 😂😂 preach it girl! 💯👏✊
everyone I am around is a "non-kpop" fan... being the elder within my circle... I only have my 2 oldest daughters and my granddaughter... but as for the "bed-mate" (ie: my husband) he bobs his head when he finds a beat that he likes... and will usually sing the Spanish lyrics... "hey mamacita ---- ay yai yai yai! " being the most favored right now... but all in all... "different" scares him... my circle is 100% Mexican. the only Texans are myself my daughter and 1 female aqcuiantance but she too only listens to "old school hip hop & Mexican regional music" I grew up listening to these sounds... but nothing resonates like KPOP does... and it puts me and my daughters... (Granddaughter is included) it puts us in our own little world... it's fun... it's love... it's drool... and I just might as well accept it... these babies just make wanna go RAAWWRRR and go COUGAR!!! non kpop fans have a jaded lemming way of mindset... I would like to believe Kpop Fans are more like DIVERGENTS! WE GO AGAINST WHAT IS PROGRAMMED INTO OUR MAINFRAMES!!! WE ARE THE BRIDGES THAT WILL CONNECT THIS WORLD WITH THE OTHERSIDE!!! #Kpopper4Life!!!