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So I have pretty cute part for you all!! it doesn't have Layla and Keri in it but just the 4 boys and Omo they are so freaking adorable! and I must thank someone for a certain shipname they came up with because its awesome and I had to incorporate it! So thank you @mincheonjae !!! ♥ I was going to update last night but fell asleep so you get it this afternoon! It just means I might do 2 today if I have the chance!
Tae's view*** I stared up at Layla's apartment building. I couldn't believe I let that slip come out. She had to know I liked her now, but did she like me back? I couldn't tell.  The walk back to Keri's house I thought about my feelings towards her. They were different then the emotions I had for Keri   "I just like Keri as a really good friend" I grinned to myself. That was really good news for myself, I didn't like my friends girlfriend in a romantic way. The only thing was I also realized kooki might be crushing on Layla as well. Knocking in the door yoongi answered it and let me in. "Where did you go off to?" He asked. "Walked Layla home" I said.  Yoongi looked disheveled and like crap. I clapped my hand on his shoulder and grinned. "Feeling okay there buddy?" I asked. He glared at me. "I'm better then Namjoon" he said. I saw Namjoon sitting in the kitchen hunched over the table. Kooki was sitting by him talking. "What are you two up to?" I asked sitting down between them. Kooki and Namjoon stopped talking and looked at me. "Tae can I talk to you alone for a minute" kooki asked  "Okay" I wasn't sure why he wanted to talk in private but I followed him to the other room anyway. He rounded the corner into the living room then turned on me. He looked angry. "You walked Layla home? What did you ask her out too?" He questioned startling me. "No" my face heated. "I know you like her" kooki said. "I do. So?" I admitted. Kooki huffed and ran a hand through his hair. He paced back and forth for a moment. "I like Layla" Kooki admitted. "So we both like her?" I questioned even though it was more of a statement. "The only difference is. I wasn't going to go after her right away, proving her Ex right" kooki said. "Its just cause you don't know how to approach a girl you like" I shot back at him. He had a point, I would be putting her in the same situation her ex had been warning her about. "Well you hide behind jokes and laughs so you don't have people seeing the other side of you" kooki shot out. "Layla won't be able to get past that and will grow tired of it" kooki said. There was a sharp intake of of breathe and both of us looked over to see that Namjoon and Yoongi were standing there watching. "Can we help you? Me and Kooki asked at the same time. "No, continue. This is entertaining" Namjoon said and yoongi nodded in agreement. "Go away!" Kooki said picking up a pillow and throwing it at them.  Yoongi avoided the pillow and lifted his cup higher so it wouldn't spill, or fall. I picked up another pillow and shot it out at them too. Then I was laughing and a mini pillow fight started. "Okay okay stop before I spill my coffee" Yoongi said. "What were you two fighting about? It sounded like insults being shot at each other" Namjoon questioned when we all settled down. "We both like Layla" I stated. "Oh, thats not surprising." Yoongi shrugged. "I vote battle of the ship names wins!" Kooki announced. "What have you been thinking of one for yourself?" I questioned looking at him. "Yes. Yes I have" kooki nodded. "What about you?" Yoongi questioned looking at me. I hadn't really thought of one. "I have one for them" Namjoon said. I stared at him. "What I like you two together" he shrugged. "I have a fan" I batted my lashes at him. "Yah! Don't do that! I'm not interested in you" Namjoon announced making me laugh. "Okay" Yoongi said slowly. "Kooki you start what's your ship name?" Yoongi asked looking at him. "Lakook or kookilay" he said. "I like Lakook best though" he grinned. "Not bad not bad" yoongi nodded. "Alright Namjoon and what is Taes ship name with Layla?" He asked. "Latte" he grinned. "Get it get it. LA Tae latae, latte!" He laughed at his  brilliance. Yoongi blinked and stared.  I couldn't help but grin, Latte, I liked it. Kooki groaned. "You have a better shipname" kooki whined. "That is so much better then my Lakook," he paused "but I did feel French there" he said. We all burst out laughing at that. "You know, why don't you two actually see who Layla likes instead of Fighting over her like this" yoongi asked. "Will you ask her?" I asked giving yoongi puppy dog eyes. " That would be weird" yoongi blinked. "I'll ask Keri to ask her and tell me" he amended. "Yey!" I cheered.
. . . . I feel like I should have had Jin there to make the joke with Latte, but Joonie can pull it off too!!! Yes battle of the ship names Lakook vs. Latae. eek okay have to ask which one do you all like better? (panda likes Latae that's for sure!)
latae.....too bad kookie and lay last ship name couldn't be koolay....almost sounds like koolaid....I'm bad but I totally ship latae....
koolay. lol that's a good one, 😂 I was thinking lakook as in le cook 😂
Awwww~ Thank you, @SweetDuella ❤️❤️ !! LATAE FOR THE WIN!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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@mincheonjae lol it was my pleasure to add that in 😁
oh wow!! looks like most here are for Latae! 💙💙🐼 Yey!
Latae for me too!!
Latae for sure....LOL.
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