As you arrived infront of Jimin's castle-like house, Hoseok dropped you off.
"Be safe y/n!"
You made an okay sign and watched him go.
You let out a deep breath and unlocked your phone to call Jimin.
That's when someone blocked your mouth.
They took you away.
You tried to scream
You tried everything.
You couldn't get away.
"Please.. someone help me.."
You woke up to see a small fire and you were tied up on a small chair.
You slowly opened your eyes and saw a mysterious woman standing in front of you.
“Who.. Who are you?”
She came closer to you and lifted your chin.
You shook your head trying to see more clearly.
A vision started to flash in front of your eyes.
The cold glare, bloody red lips, pale skin.
Jimin’s step mother.
She nodded.
“That’s right.”
“W-why are you doing this to me?”
Her expressionless face made a playful smirk.
“Are you asking because you really don’t know?”
You just stared at her.
“Because… I don’t like you.”
She gave you a cold stare.
You automatically looked down.
“I know.. I know you are Jimin’s step mother and you guys might not get along-”
“Honey.. Those are things I already know.”
“What do you mean?”
“Tell me something you’ve been hiding from everyone.”
You knew she was aiming for that precious baby.
“I don’t have anything I’m hiding.”
Your eyes slowly looked down to the floor, losing confidence.
She grabbed your chin and abusively lifted it up.
Her eyes got devilishly wider and she clenched her teeth.
“Stop lying.”
You didn’t make eye contact.
She suddenly slapped you in the face, making you wince.
“If you don’t tell me what I want, I’ll hurt that baby of yours.”
You instantly tried to cover your belly,but your arms were tied behind your back.
Totally open for anything.
“Please.. I’ll do anything just don’t hurt him.”
“Tell me you’ll erase that baby and break up with Jimin.”
You glared at her.
“I told you I’ll do anything besides hurting my baby.”
She smirked.
She grabbed your hair and knocked you out of the chair.
You did your best not to land on your tummy.
She grabbed your hair and made you stand up.
“Get on your knees.”
You painfully followed her orders.
“Now.. Do you want me to tell you the whole situation?”
She pulled out a knife and started to twirl it in her fingers as she slowly circled you.
“I have my son that should be the next CEO. But… If that thing inside your belly comes out to this world, do you think my son would even be able to sit on the chair? He wouldn’t even be able to be in the board of supervisors. But. If that thing of yours dies without anyone knowing-”
She suddenly got closer to your ear and whispered,
“Don’t you think my life and your life would get easier?”
A tear fell down from your eyes.
“Aww.. is our little Jimin’s girlfriend scared?”
She mocked you.
You bit your lips and looked at her.
“I’m never going to kill my own baby.”
“That’s it!”
She threw you on to the floor and you landed on your stomach.
Her knife came towards you closer and closer.
“Jimin.. I’m sorry”
That’s when a car came crashing in.
Your eyes were half closed, unconscious.
You felt your stomach aching so bad.
A guy came closer to you.
Familiar silhouette.
"Hey, y/n! You okay?"
He sat down and turned you over, making sure you were facing him.
"It's me Hoseok. It'll be alright. I called the ambulance."
You slowly nodded, relieved that it was Hoseok,
Jimin's step mother already ran away with her 'herd.'
"Hmm?" he was crying at the amount of pain you were going through.
"Promise me one thing.."
He nodded and grabbed your hand tightly.
"Even if something happens to me or the baby... Ple.. please don't tell Jimin any of this.."
He bit his lips and closed his eyes.
A tear fell on to you.
You slowly reached his face and wiped his tears.
"Hmm? will you do that for me?"
He tried to smile through his tears.
"Okay.. I will do that for you.."
Your eyes slid down and your hand landed on to his lap.
"Y/N!! Y/N!!"
He shook your head and held you closer.
You woke up to see a white ceiling.
As you sat up, you felt your stomach.
Hoseok was on the side of your bed sleeping.
You touched his hair, appreciating him.
If it wasn't for him, you and your baby could've been dead.
You shook Hoseok, waking him up.
He stood right up.
"Are you okay?! Let me call the doctor right now!! Wait for-"
"Hoseok.. calm down. I just want to see my baby."
You looked at him.
"Tell me Hoseok."
He looked into your eyes and explained.
"Your baby is in the incubator. He came out too early than expected.. So, the doctor said we need to watch how he progresses. But.. unless a miracle happens, he might.."
"He might what!"
"He might not be able to.. live."
It felt like the whole universe would fall down into pieces, leaving just you.
Hoseok flipped his hair out of frustration and pleaded, "Can you tell Jimin?"
"Come on. He's the dad, he has the right to know. And I can't just watch my friend dying out by herself, taking in all the pain without anyone knowing. You guys were irresponsible, and you two should take the responsibility."
"Hoseok.. I don't want to mess up their family."
You were surprised at how mad Hoseok was.
"Hoseok this is my problem. Why.. why are you getting so mad?"
He looked up at the ceiling, with his hands on his hips.
"Y/n.. Because I care for you. You shouldn't be struggling like this all by yourself."
"I know.. I know.. this isn't something easy. Raising a child by myself is going to be hard, and a challenge, but I can do this Hoseok. It's not going to get easier just because Jimin knows about it."
"Y/n. THIS ISN'T A GAME! Raising a kid by yourself? Are you serious? You know what, fuck Jimin. I'll just help you."
"No. I can't do that Hoseok, I don't want your life to be messed up because of me."
"It won't be messed up. It won't be. I promise. I'd rather just be with you than leave you all alone."
He was a caring friend, but... his parents wouldn't be happy when they found out he had a kid.
"Fine. Help me all you want. But I'm not going to let you act like my baby's dad."
"Of course.. I'll just be the most friendliest dad-like uncle."
"Stop being sarcastic."
"Y/n.. Can I ask you something?"
He started to fidget with his fingers and he looked nervous.
"What is it Hoseok? I want to go see my kid."
"Why can't I be your baby's dad?"
You were a little flustered at his question.
"What do you mean?"
"Why am I always your friend? Why can't I be more than that?"
There was a long silence between you and him.
But you broke that.
"Because, I love you too much... I don't want to give any chances of hurting you."
Hoseok nodded and smiled.
"I love you too y/n."
He was hurt.
He didn't want to be that one friend-zoned guy.
Hoseok wanted to be yours, and yours truly.
But, he knew you loved Jimin.
What you just said was excuses.
But it was okay.
You letting him be next to you.. that's the biggest present you could do for him.
After that long lecture from the doctors about how you should always be relaxed and blah blah blah...You went towards the baby section with Hoseok and looked through the glass, looking for your baby.
"You see that one right there?"
"The fourth one?"
He was small. Abnormally small.
The tiny little wires stuck onto him looked like it hurt.
The small hands that were trying to get out of that small cage looked even more pleading. Saying, "Please get me out of here."
The only thing you could do was pray.
Pray for a miracle.
When you were looking at your baby, Hoseok suddenly tapped you anxiously.
You turned to the side and saw Go Hae Soo.
What does she want now?

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