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It looks like Jin has found a new use for bts's lightstick to help him in the jungle! Jin would think of using it as a flashlight at night, cuz of course why use an ordinary flash light when you can be cool and original with the bts Globe! Check out the video of them using it below!
This cracks me up, JIN brings the big one for himself but is kind enough to let Kim Byung use it. ♥
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So cute and sweet 💟.
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Way to keep them safe mama Jin.
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I use mine as a'flashlight' while walking into work on snowy mornings. (It's still dark when I go into work)
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This is why i love Jin 😂 he's so extra. Suga gave him a "what the heck are you doing" look 😂 Jimin thought it was cool lol
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He such a huge stan to his group 😂 So adorable 💕
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