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Hello everyone!!

Wow, I can't believe that it's already the 10th card for the "Have You Seen This!?" series O.O Like, that's crazy!!

(Even though it's not THAT much, but still. A pat on the back well deserved ^-^)

I'm thinking that once I hit the 20th card that I might do like a little special card or something. I was thinking that I would be doing that on the 50th card buuuuuuut that's too long from now, soooo it'll probably be the 20th or 30th card ^-^

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Anyway!! The 10th card will be dedicated to a female k-indie solo artist that most people here probably haven't heard about. And if you know her than I'm very surprised!! @Lexxcisco was actually the one who found her and I felt it was only right to make a card to show you what kind of music Oohyo has in store for you all~

Youth (청춘) by Oohyo (우효)

Released on July 4 and 5, 2016

So this song comes with two music videos: one is the Day version and the other is the Night version. Both videos are almost identical, except for some slight differences. The Day version's background music sounds has more of a softer and calmer sound to it. While the Night version's music sounds more like it should be in a club because it has a lot more intense beats and an electro sound to it. The Day version also has more scenes where it looks like a drug trip since things kind of mix and curve together, but the whole video flows continuously, it has more of a movie like feel to it. While the Night version has scenes that are repeated, kind of like a gif or something, or like the video is spazzing or something. It has more of a music video feel to it compared to the Day version which feels more like you're watching a movie. The Day version is a shorter compared to the Night version and it starts singing earlier compared to the Night version.

Umm to be honest, I probably didn't need to describe all of that to you guys especially since this section of the card is suppose to make you WANT to watch the video, not get bored out by my random observations;; But I mean, you guys can compare the videos? Anyway, the video is really unique and it's kind of confusing as to what the video is trying to show you. I know the whole thing is a huge big metaphor, but that's something you guys will have to decide on your own what it could be. The video is very simple in most other things about it, but its the symbolism and the way they make the symbolism stand out in such a normal environment.

The Song and Lyrics

Mainly the song is made up of music and it doesn't have as many lyrics, also because Oohyo sings the lyrics pretty decently slow. But like I mentioned before, both the Day and Night version have different styles of music playing in the background. The Day version sounds smoother and more chill like, while the Night version plays around more with an electro sound that still sounds pretty calm compared to most electro music. But Oohyo's voice is definitely the part that catches your attention in the song though. Her voice has this lazy feel to it that either makes you reflect on life or make you feel sleepy, both are compliments since her voice is that smooth and clear. And I'm not meaning lazy as in she's not trying, but as in she doesn't have to try so hard to make her voice sound good and silky.

What I like about this song is that it seems to be really trying to tell a story, a small but meaningful story. The first part of the song is talking about someone who wakes up from a nightmare everynight and they're the only one there and have to hold themself, and they cry because of the fear of the nightmare but because of the loneliness. Then the second part is talking about how they don't want to live in this world without the one they love and it breaks their heart and makes them cry because of the loneliness and emptiness that is brought to them without this missing person. Then the last phrase has the person wishing to be perfect enough for the person that they're singing too so that person will want them just as much as they want them.

(Waaahhhhhh that's so sad and beautiful!! T.T Please tell me I'm not the only one whose heart is breaking at these lyrics!!!!)

The dream that woke me up last night Always fills me with fear. I pat myself calm with my two small hands, But now I’m filled with tears.
It’s scary, living in this world without you. I’m scared, walking down this road without you. No gem in the star sprinkled ocean Can wash my tears away.
I want to be the brightest star in your night sky. Please, I want to be the sweetest flower in your garden. Say my name, So I can say yours, too
(I'm sorry that I was so vague with the whole music video description, but because it's so beautiful with its simplicity....Well, I would just talk too much and wouldn't make any sense trying to describe it that....It's better if you guys just watch it and see for yourself cX)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the music video and I hope this song encourages you to go and check out more songs by Oohyo!

The next card will be put up on Monday~

Also, tell me which version you guys liked better: Day or Night? I think I like Night better since it fits more my style, but I also like the Day version soooo cX

Also!! I think the gifs also belong to @Lexxcisco soooooo I hope you don't mind me using them, boo;; Thank you for making them!! They look great ^0^ And also for letting me use them cX
~From your certified, professional pervert~
(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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