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Hello everyone!

Yes, I am starting yet another series!!!! :D

At this point you all probably think I'm crazy. I mean, I have my Rankings series, my Theory series, and my "Have You See This!?" series... as well as all the communities I am a support for cX
Yaaaaa....I'm kind of crazy....
But this series is not going to be something I'm going to worry a ton about. Maximum I'll be posting for this series is once a week, and even then I probably won't be posting too much.
This new series is called, "Can We Talk About Kpop?" I came up with this series since I started to ask a ton of questions about certain things relating to kpop, but I had no idea who to ask. I was going to ask them to my friends on Vingle who I usually converse with on Line and Kakao.
Buuuuut I decided that since I have so many questions and that I keep thinking up more that I would start a series for them so that I would get a lot of different types of responses from different kinds of kpop fans on Vingle.
The questions I'm going to be asking are not going to be questions like, "What hair color looks better on Suga?" or "What's your favorite B.A.P music video?" No, those are not my questions at all. These questions are questions that many people are going to have strong opinions about.
So when I ask these questions I'll be describing kind of my personal opinion about the question and why I even thought to bring it up.
With these questions, I will be very careful to not try to offend anyone or start a fight with anyone. I want peoples' personal outlook and opinions when answering my questions. I'm a very open-minded person and I like to see the different responses people have.
So I want a ton of you to at least look at the question and think very deeply about these questions. I ESPECIALLY do not want anyone bashing on anyone's answer/opinion!! If the comment is too offensive then I will delete it, or if too many people start to bash on it that will also result in it being deleted.
I will warn you all. I'm going to be delving into kpop in a way some people don't want to think of it like. I would try to describe what I mean by this, but you'll just have to check out the cards that I'll be posting for this series. So for now just look at the gifs on this card and realized that I'll be asking some intense questions. But this does mean that the people who read these cards and want to answer, better be open-minded to everyone's opinion and be understanding.
Of course, I'll be putting up rules and warnings every time I post one of these cards.
Like I said, I have a ton of questions currently and I'll probably be coming up with more as time goes on, but at one point I will probably run out of questions and it will stop being as frequent (even though it still won't be that frequent now)
I will delete this series if there is too much of a problem with them. I am not making this series to start any wars or have any negative comments, but I really hope it won't have to come to any of that.
The taglist will be called "The Speakers of Kpop" (based off of the Speakers of the House in government cX). If you are open-minded and would like to see what questions I will be asking, and if you possibly want to answer them, then please ask me to tag you and I would be more than happy too ^-^

Well....I guess we'll see how this all comes about....tomorrow cX


Also!! If any of you are getting mad or annoyed at me for tagging you all in my series introductions then I am so sorry and I will immediately stop doing this in future series!!! I'm only doing this since this goes to every kpop fan out there, but if you don't like that I'm doing this then I won't do it ever again. But if you're okay with it then I'm only tagging you guys in the intros and only the people who want to be tagged in the future cards will be tagged.

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Pls include me.
Of course! Thank you for asking ^-^
I would like to participate and I am very open minded please tag me.
Suki!! I love how you're always commenting and asking me to tag you in my stuff!! Thank you so much~~~!!!!!
Tag me in this, it sounds interesting 🤗🤗
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Haha same c:
I'd like to be tagged for this. Sounds fun & if I'm not tagged I often miss fun stuff since I'm not so regular or thorough with checking Vingle.