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New Quiz to play!! whose a fan of 24k?! lol okay I'm going with yes. I won't make the intro to long, So I'll put a link right here for you to check out who your 24k boyfriend will be! play the Quiz here!
My result turned out to be Daeil. eek well Even though my Bias is Kisu but I saw Daeil as best friend material! Oh I want to make story with these people. oops random thought there lol Anyway Check out your results and share if you like who you get!!!
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got bias cory 😍😍😍
I got Jeunguk, I had to guess on the song and members parts because u haven't listened to any of their songs and idk what they look like lol.
I got Cory even though I like kisu more but Cory and I are the same blood type so I guess it's better that he's my brother lol
I feel like I only got Daeil cause he's my bias and he's who I picked for the last q
Question dammit