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By the end of lunch things were a little more comfortable. Well, as comfortable as they can be between a celebrity and what he didn't know was an awkward fan. She mainly ate, fed the dogs, avoided eye contact, answered questions here and there, and felt totally awkward.
When her phone received a text, she took it out to make sure it wasn’t her agent; setting it next to her on the table. He reaches over and quietly starts to slide it towards him. When she sees what he’s doing she yelps and dives for her phone.
“No! What are you doing?”
He holds her gaze as his fingers keep the phone pinned in place on the table.
“I was going to put in my number. I’d like to text you, talk to you, do this again sometime maybe? Is that still a no? Haven’t I proved I’m not creepy?”
“No, you just tried to steal my phone,” she pouts.
“I was hoping to access it before the screen locked; now you’ll have to unlock it." He holds it up aimed at her. "What’s the matter? Am I your lock or home screen?” He grins and deliberately flips it around and taps the screen to show the picture. An adorable 4 yr old pops up and he raises his eyes to her.
“Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I love him. See? Not you, now give me my phone.”
He looks from the picture back to her, “A relative?”
“My nephew. I used to help babysit him, I miss him a ton but we Skype when we can.”
He hands back her phone but looks slightly disappointed. She grins to herself and lets out an inward sigh. Thank heavens she changed her lock screen while he was up ordering and waiting for the food. The dogs had provided great cover.
She studies him a minute, unlocks her phone, brings up the phonebook and hands it back to him.
He looks at it curiously but doesn’t take it, he’s now pouting.
“No. You still think I’m creepy and you don’t love me as much as I thought.”
She raises her brows at him, “Why? Because you aren’t my lock screen? I have a life you know; I’m not one of those obsessed fans.”
Inside she’s calling herself a liar. ‘Yep, I’m going to hell. I do love you, I am lying straight to your face’.
“Fine, if you’ve solved the puzzle of me so quickly, I’ll be on my way.”
She puts her phone in her back pocket and stands to leave. As she moves to walk past him she stops.
“Thank you for lunch. It was a very nice gesture and just for the record?” She leans down and whispers in his ear, “You didn’t even last a day.”
As she straightens and starts walking away, he pushes his chair back, grabs her forearm and yanks her back. She’s unsure if losing her balance was on purpose or just a happy accident as she lands in his lap.
He reaches his arm back and pulls the phone out of her back pocket. Her eyes widen at his boldness but she says nothing. He holds it in front of her to unlock. Trapped, she takes the phone and unlocks it; refusing to turn her head to look at him. He’s far too close, really good bad things could happen if she turns her head even an inch.
One handedly he expertly punches in his number and then stares at her profile a minute before putting in a name. He smiles slyly and types in “Mr Long Term”. Sneaking a peek at what he’s doing she closes her eyes, dying inside. His cell phone rings and he hands her back her phone.
“There, now I have your number. So, you were saying something about me not lasting a day? I can totally prove that statement wrong to you,” he leans in closer to her ear, “in all sorts of different ways.”
Her eyes squeeze shut, along with her mouth. She could totally play that one back at him but she isn’t brave enough with him yet. Even though he’d put his name as long term in her phone, he still had yet to prove it.
“Are you still calling an end to our lunch or is there somewhere else you’d like to go? A walk maybe? Or we could stay here a bit longer; however, as attractive as your sweet behind is, wow it’s boney. Who knew?”
She reacts just as he expects by jumping off his lap, her mouth wide open and her eyes blazing fire. “RUDE!”
As she goes to find his number in her phone but he grabs it and holds it away from her.
“No you don’t. And you have to admit, this banter between us is only half the fun. I didn’t say I didn’t like your ass, perhaps it was just the way you were sitting. Care to try a different angle?” He turns his chair more outward and motions her to him with a wicked grin.
She throws her head back trying to look disgusted but actually trying really hard not to laugh. She turns and leans down to hug the dogs, putting her butt totally in his face.
As she stands she looks over her shoulder, “A walk would be great, but my legs aren’t as long as yours so could we both walk and you not make me run?”
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