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Happy Sunday everyone!!
It's the first full week of community activities! Are you excited?! Because we totally are!
Well every week our lovely Teen Top team will be posting a music video of the week to help get you introduced to Teen Top!
This week's song is "Be Ma Girl (나랑 사귈래?)"
Be Ma Girl is from Teen Top's summer special album and was released in 2012
When this song came out I was so obsessed. I had it on repeat for months hahahaha
I hope you also enjoy!
Regular MV version
The performance version
Fun Fact!
Niel and L. Joe argued with the choreographer about the dance move in the gif because they really wanted it in the song. For some reason both Niel and L. Joe were obsessed with this dance at the time. After a couple of weeks of arguing, the choreographer gave up and allowed them to adjust the dance so it could be included.
Lol silly boys, but they were really excited once it finally got approved!
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I used to dance to this with my sister all the time. 😁 Takes me back.