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Hey guys!
As part of a change this quarter we decided to post quotes from Teen Top once a week. As a team we find the quotes and discuss them. What we believe they mean, what they mean to us or what we believe they mean to Teen Top.
We hope you enjoy :)
Our first quote to post is the one above.
"With on heart and one mind, without losing sight of our main purpose, let's run towards the top."
I asked the Teen Top team what they believed this meant. Most everyone was on the same wavelength and said:
"As long as your heart and mind are one, or together, understanding the goal then you can achieve it."
Or if we were talking about more than one person then as long as both people understood what the goal was then with hard work together they could achieve this goal.
I believe the understanding of a goal comes from the mind while the passion/determination to achieve that goal comes from the heart.
If I were to place this in my own life then the most recent example would be that I managed to graduate from college with 3 majors, moved to another state very far away from home, found a job and got promoted in less than a year. All before the age of 25. But I'm not going to stop there. I have many more goals and determination to achieve them.
If we were to look at the quote for Teen Top then no matter where you look you can see how they have always used this as their moto. When Teen Top debuted in 2010 they faced a decent amount of hardships. They were only seen as kids. When they debuted the oldest member was C.A.P at the age of 17. Chunji and L.Joe were 15, Niel and Ricky were 14, and Changjo was 13. (Ages are not Korean age)
But even at such young ages Teen Top managed to reach the top and has continued to be there. Teen Top will continue to do well as both a group and as individuals. And with their fans doing their best to help them as well then they will for sure succeed.
So what does this quote mean to you? Do you have a time in your life when this has been true?
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Some very inspiring quotes to live by 😊