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⭐Get To Know:Jeon Jungkook⭐

안녕하세요 Vingle Fam, It's Sky Here!

& I'm Here Bringing Some Facts About Jungkook~ ((I'll Be Posting A Jungkook Related Card Every Saturday Incase You Didn't Know Already~)) ❤Enjoy❤


-Full Name: Jeon Jungkook (Hangul: 전정국 correct me if I spelled it wrong) -Birthday:September 1st, 1997 -Birth Place:Busan, South Korea -Position:Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae, & Wrecking My Bias List -Blood Type: A -Height: 5'10"

⭐Fun Facts⭐

-His Favorite Colors Are Red, Black, & White -He Would Date Jin If He Were A Girl((JinKook..?)) -He's Part Of The 'Stay In Your Lane' Squad((ok... I'm joking xD)) -Loves Teasing Jimin Because Of His Height((So Cute)) -He Thinks Sailor Moon Is Sexy((No Comment...)) -His Role Model Is G-Dragon -Jungkook Is Really Good At Drawing((He's amazing at it)) -The Body Parts He's Most Confident With Are His Thighs & Lips
((I Approve Of This Message...OML help))


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Jungkook you sweet Lil baby!!
10 months ago·Reply
I've told him on Instagram he slays me. He liked my comment especially when I called him Mr. Noona detector & killer. He is since becoming an adult he's killing me left and right.
10 months ago·Reply
Omg I'm older than kookie by a few months 😳 then again don't they do ages differently in Korea?
10 months ago·Reply