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What up for!? Jay Duckie coming at you live and in color with a smooth track or 2 by my favorite ghost, Elo!! Ok sexy Mutha... mianheyo por la idioma.
Rose I love this song!!! It's a cute song, and as a hardcore skater, this video hit me in a soft spot. His voice also hit me in my tenders!! lmaoooooo
Wax Manaqueen I love this song. He is trying to make this woman he is infatuated with understand he wants to get past her façade and... ummm... melt together. DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DIDN'T KNOW I WAS A PERV!! Its one of the reasons to love me! LMAOOOOOO
Don't Judge me. you know his voice is like velvet. Jay, handle my haters please! lmaooooooooooo