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Hiya lovelies, Jasmyn here! I'm here to bring some sunshine to your Saturday (despite how dark it is already here in Virginia.). Anyway let's not delay any longer Jasmyn. Lets get started right away with Renjun Saturday!


Stage name: Renjun Birthday: March 23, 2000 Position: vocalist, dancer Nationality: Chinese Units: NCT DREAM -He was born in Jilin, China.
Okay now for some videos of him with Chenle because I can't resist.....there's not very many though *sad face* they also don't have very many fanfics out there *another sad face*.
And some of Renjun being his cute self! Okay but he's literally such a smol bean cuite pie sugar bun and I love my smol cinnamon roll so much like honestly he's the cutest little bean ever. And I literally have fallen in love with him it's seemingly impossible to not fall in love with him. He's such a sweetie and his smile is super adorable and he's honestly the cutest little thing I have ever seen. I could honestly go on for hours about how much I love this boy but I should go before I bore you to death with my chow for now. And don't forget: ~Stay Beautiful

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//sobs cause I'm older than him but he's so cute
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I'm 9 months older but whenever I see an idol's bday that's in 2000 or later I immediately think THEYRE A BABY T-T a squishy SMOL baby
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