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[Start Tread] So a few of us have been to many concerts, some just a few and maybe even none (but your time will come!) Depending on the type of ticket you get (seat section & perks) there may be a time when you will be able to interact with an idol personally whether for just a few seconds or if you two have a "moment" :o Lets talk about the time/times you interacted with an idol and the memorable moments that blossomed from that moment! Be sure to mention your friends/family/concert buddies ANYONE! The first comment of this card will be my interactions. I have quite a few but for now ill start with my favorite interaction!
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during the Highlight Tour in 2015 (or the mess tour as i call it) with BTS i got a hi touch and fansign. I was so nervous this was my first time seeing BTS (TRBinDallas sold out so this was my second chance i guess) so during the hi touch i went through and did the hitouch thing lol and jimin was the last and he held onto my hand and wouldnt let go so i stopped..i mean..i didnt want to be rude and walk away but security pulled me along and so after hitouch was fansign. I guess it was a night for me and jimin idk haha but he was the 4th person i believe and he remembered me from the hitouch! i had on a lacey top with floral print on it and when he saw me he said "oh my flower girl!" RIP TO ME EVERYONE
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it was...the best night ever