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Sooo Umm.... Well..... Aish! You will see...
Bren’s Pov
“Bren?! Are you home?!” She huffed urgently wanting an answer. “Yes, I am. Is everything okay Sam?” I puzzled worriedly. “Yeah, it’s fine.” She breathed. Then the line went dead, as a loud knock echoed through the house.
Sam’s Pov
“Sam why are you here?” Bren chuckled trying to hide her smile. “Hide.. I need a place to hide. They would look at Mic’s first.” I huffed trying to catch my breath. With a devious grin growing across Bren’s face she quickly stepped aside inviting me in. “True, but you know they will come here soon.” Bren laughed leading the way from where she came from. “But while we wait, I want you to meet someone.” She smirked as they entered another room where 6 sets of eyes instantly landed on them. “Sam meet Teen Top. Guys, this is Sam.” Bren smiled brightly heading back to her seat next to the one named Chunji.
“Wait Jin isn’t here?” I found myself saying not paying attention to the figure approaching me. “Today is my day, plus all of bts are out of town for a few more days, but you should know that.” Chunji smirked. “Oh yeah, I guess I have been a little busy lately. I forgot.” I laughed nervously.
“Sam was it?” A Voice rang out from beside. “Omo! You scared me where did you come from!” I shriek clutching my chest as they laughed at my reaction. “Over there.” He pointed to where he was seated trying to control his laughter.
“I’m Niel.” He smirked taking hold of my hand lightly placing a kiss onto it. “Sam.” I mumbled as heat rose to my cheeks forcing me to quickly glancing away. “Bren has told me all about you.” He purred still holding onto my hand. “Wait what?” I questioned looking over to a very smug Bren. “I said I wanted to introduce you to someone.” She chuckled just as there was another knock on the door.
“Damnit they found me.” I sighed turning to head for the door. “Wait.” Niel chuckled pulling me backwards. “You forgot my number.” He smirked quickly taking my phone to enter his number. “See you soon.” He winked making my face flush an even darker shade. “Yeah, umm see you later.” I mumbled making my way towards the door. “See I told you she went to Bren’s!” Bobby smiled clearly excited to be right.
“Wait, Noona why is your face red?” Jongup instantly questioned worriedly. “Have you been drinking?” Daehyun sighed pulling me into his arms as if he hadn’t seen me in days. “Sam why did you run away like that when we asked you to go swimming with us?” Yongguk smirked from beside Daehyun. “So, that was why she ran.” Bren erupted with laughter from the door. “I should've known.” She smiled quickly shutting the door heading back to the others. “So now that we found the missing Princess, let’s get this pool party started!” Bobby smirked leading the way back towards the car.
Jungkook’s Pov
“You sure you don’t want to come?” Yoongi asked for the millionth time as I only shook my head. “I just want to get home.” I smiled just thinking about seeing her again. “I have never seen this side of you.” Jin laughed as the car came to a stop as they all practically forced me out of the car.
“Have fun!” They smirked as the car took off once again as i stood in front of noona’s place. “Hey Noona I’m back!” I smiled rushing into the house. My body froze at the sight of a complete stranger seated on what looked like a new throne, but more than that a familiar face who was now seated in the 3rd throne.
“Jiwon? When did you get back? And to 3rd for that matter?” I stuttered looking towards five full seats. “Noona what about me?” I choked fighting tears. “Kookie, it isn’t like that.” She denied looking towards the others for help. “Then tell me what it is.” I pleaded taking hold of her hands forcing her to look towards me. “You still have a seat.” She mumbled as a smaller 6th seat finally danced into my view as i walked over next towards the stranger. “5.1 really Noona?” I sighed keeping my back towards her. “Jeon Jungkook please.” She sighed.
“Please? Please what Noona? Just get over you constantly pushing me away, or how my place on your list is always changing?” I hissed as our eyes finally met. “It isn’t like that..” She cried once again, but I quickly cut her off. “No, it never is with you, and to think I couldn't wait to get home to you.” I sighed looking away. “Don’t be like this. Please just listen.” She pleaded taking a step closer.
“Fine, but you only have five minutes.” I spat full of venom as I watched her recoil. “Jungkook, you know I love you.” She started with tears forming in her eyes. Unable to stand the sight any longer my arms quickly pulled her into my chest. “I know Noona. I know, please don’t cry.” I sighed unable to stay mad any longer as i wiped her tears away silently. “So are you going to introduce me to the person I am sharing 5th with.” I tried to smile for her sake, but failed as she wrapped her arms around my neck.
“I’m sorry Jungkook.” She cried. “Okay, I think that is enough for one day. We will take it from here Noona.” Daehyun huffed quickly whispering something to Bobby. Next thing I knew Bobby had Noona in his arms heading towards her room leaving me standing alone. “Just know Jungkook that Noona refused to kick you off her Top 5 so she had that made just for you, so don’t give her too hard of a time okay?” Daehyun sighed clearly worn out from the whole thing.
“She does care for you.” The stranger finally said as everyone glanced towards him. “Who are you, by the way?” I finally asked turning to face the mystery man. “Me? Oh I am Daniel Ahn better known as Niel from teen top.” He smiled extending his hand to me. “It’s nice to meet you.” He beamed brightly. “I wish I could say the same.” I mocked taking his hand into my own.
“Jungkook if you can’t accept this, you should tell Sam now, and leave because we aren’t going to put up with her being sad all the time.” Yongguk spoke up for the first time glaring towards us. “I…” I started to say but quickly fell silent unable to answer. “ I will think it over, and have an answer in the morning.” I huffed heading towards my room. ‘Did i want to leave Noona?’ I found myself pondering unable to sleep.
I just want you to know this is all @tinytreeleaf fault.....
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McBren have certainly had an affect on your list. They are good at sharing the lovable ones with you. 😉
I still am cheering for my Kookie though! Hold on tight baby boy!
@pharmgirlerin mcbren are very evil 😂😂😂 and need to stop
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@MicMallow 😅😅😅😅😅
i feel like i need to take kookie away from you at this point. you are always breaking his poor heart.... It's okay Kookie!!! This Noona loves you even if Sam is mean!!!
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thank you @Sailynn ... at least someone agrees
😂😂😂😂😂 the katamari is at it again
😣😣😣😣 it just happens that way!