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Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first Sanghyuk Saturday!! As mentioned before, I will be bringing you guys your weekly dose of SF9's Dawon every Saturday, so please look forward to it! First off, let's meet this adorable member!

Stage Name: Dawon (다원)
Real Name: Lee Sanghyuk (이상혁)
Birthday: 95.07.25 (Currently 21 years old internationally)
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Pig
Birth Place (Nationality): South Korea (Korean)
Blood Type: A
Height: 179 cm (approximately 5'10.5")
Weight: 65 kg (approximately 143 lbs)
Position: Dancer and Vocalist
Fun Facts: He is skillfully adorable, he played a role in the interactive web drama "Click Your Heart" (available on Netflix!), and he was the male lead in the "I'm Jelly Baby" MV by AOA Cream (MV is in the slideshow!)
Dawon is an energetic, adorable member of SF9 that never fails to make people laugh! Attached in the slideshow are videos of his profile (written and introduced by himself), his hilarious impressions on ASC (as well as the other members showing off their amazing talents), a compilation of clips to assure you he is a definite bias wrecker, and a Q&A with him!
You can also watch the full ASC with SF9 episode HERE!
Seriously guys, his English was the cutest thing ever.

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Oh a fellow Leo!! ❤