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😂Kpop Memes😂: Part 120

I've been slacking so here two cards in a row with 50 memes ;)
1, we're not worthy of you. T_T 2, That green haired boy can clutter whatever he wants to. T_T He'll always be prettier than me.
What happened to henry?
Were Shawols really that hardcore in 2012? The Jaden Smith one I don't really understand that one, who is that guy actually? Is that Yuta? I feel bad for Henry and it's sucks what SM is doing to him. I'm pretty sure it's clear he wants to be a Kpop star he's just hiding it from us. The bullying, poor Sungjong and what's with this Jungkook and a "mommy kink" these TT memes are art. Where are Bambam and Lisa at? Vivi, the Bambam one, the Charlie Puth one...beautiful
That's just the year that Sherlock was released. That guy is Winwin. SM gave him dreads for literally no reason.
Omg, I'm dying at that "for no reason part" 😂😂😂 SM...damn SM back at it again with the crappy hairstyles
That's BamBam and Lisa in Thailand before they were trainees.
Ok, looking at these memes again, the 'wow never have this in my house' is that Bambam's Twitter, like does he actually have a Twitter? Cause now I understand the thing with Cupcake...1. How old is that tweet 2. Are those really their ages because she's the one that sings that song about *ahem deepthroating ahem* they know each other? Cause like....
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