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馃槀Kpop Memes馃槀: Part 120
I've been slacking so here two cards in a row with 50 memes ;)
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1, we're not worthy of you. T_T 2, That green haired boy can clutter whatever he wants to. T_T He'll always be prettier than me.
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Were Shawols really that hardcore in 2012? The Jaden Smith one I don't really understand that one, who is that guy actually? Is that Yuta? I feel bad for Henry and it's sucks what SM is doing to him. I'm pretty sure it's clear he wants to be a Kpop star he's just hiding it from us. The bullying, poor Sungjong and what's with this Jungkook and a "mommy kink" these TT memes are art. Where are Bambam and Lisa at? Vivi, the Bambam one, the Charlie Puth one...beautiful
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That's BamBam and Lisa in Thailand before they were trainees.
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Let sungjong live guys stop with the bullying 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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Ok, looking at these memes again, the 'wow never have this in my house' is that Bambam's Twitter, like does he actually have a Twitter? Cause now I understand the thing with Cupcake...1. How old is that tweet 2. Are those really their ages because she's the one that sings that song about *ahem deepthroating ahem* like...do they know each other? Cause like....
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