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Wassup ya'll!!!!! Kim here to bring you all the track of the week for the first Saturday of the quarter!!!!! So who's ready to get your dancing shoes on and jam out??????
It's no secret here that this song has been stuck in my head ever since the album drop. I love this song so much that it stays on repeat once it comes on!!!!
Ya'll know I had to find another dance video to this song!!!!! (and yes, I want to learn this too!!!!)
❤BO$$ Squad:
Tagging my Jay Buds:
The video shocked me the first, my little heart... but after the hundredth time, I was okay
Same here!!!
I love this song!! ❤
Me too!!!!!
And if they held a show in Jamaica and he was performing there, I'd fly in for that....
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Your secret is safe with me!!!! 😜😜😜😜😜
Girl!!!! Yyaassss!!!! This needs to happen!!!!!
girrrrrlllll!! Could you imagine if him and Spice made a remix to this?!?! Just so hot!!!!