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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine
Y/n's POV "Boss?" Bam bam said to Jaebeom. Jaebeom wrapped an arm around you and said, "Don't tell me you actually fell in love with him. You're the one that set this up after all." That didn't matter. You stared down at the dead body and wiped your eyes and told yourself to toughen up. You looked up at Minjun. Minjun looked at you trying to figure out what was happening much like everyone else aside from Jaebeom, who had known what was going on. Minjun stepped forward, "Y/n, what did you do?" He said. "I ended Exo, that should be obvious." You said lowly. The realization made you sick. All members you had loved even Yifan. It was too late though, too late to go back, too late to stop everything going on. About a year and a half ago you started getting your memories back. A second blow to the head during a mission started bringing things back, mainly of Jaebeom. You remembered how you two first met, you walked out into the street crying and didn't see the car coming he ran out and grabbed you and pulled you onto the opposite sidewalk. He walked you to a near by cafe and bought you some coffee. He wiped your tears. The memory of his gentleness and how much he cared about you was so strong that you could feel how much you loved him from that one memory alone. You remembered he asked you why you were crying and you explained to him that you were upset about some family issues. You didn't elaborate but it had something to do with your brother. You didn't even know you had a brother and up until recently you knew nothing about your family. Yifan kept everything there was to know about you away from you. At first you didn't think to betray him. No, you decided to investigate a bit more. You started to look up different JYP group names. GOT7 was the most active, 2PM had lost a leader. When Yifan found you that day, he'd shot Jay in the head from your side of the car. He shot him in front of you to make sure he was dead. Yifan killed Jay. Once that realization was made you realized that the story he'd told you before was a lie. Everything he'd told you had been a lie. That's why everything felt so unnatural, unfamiliar. You learned to adjust to it but you weren't getting your memories back because there was nothing to remember. Your life with Exo didn't exist until the day Yifan shot and killed your husband right before your eyes. Even if you didn't know it yourself at the time, Yifan knew the significance in Jay's death. You felt wrong, you let Yifan lead you into a life you had no business being in. Jay kept that life from you, he didn't want you in it. Even Minjun said he loved you. You knew he did, he gave you everything he had. More tears fell, you couldn't help it. Jay was dead and you'd avenged his death. That's what all of this was done for, to set you free from Yifan's grasp and SM's and go avenge your husband's death. It was over, all of it was over but at the expense of Exo. How would Tao feel knowing you were the one to set up his best friend? The woman he'd fallen in love with and did everything in the world to protect. You'd set them all up, you turned against them all... No it had be done. You weren't innocent anymore, you weren't Jay's wife anymore you were his widow. You were a shadow of yourself. Jay was supposed to be your first, last and everything. Two out of three wasn't bad but if you had things go your way, Jay would've been the only man you let touch you. Now you're body was tainted with the touch of the other members, the kisses they left on you, the things they did to you. It all felt good, it all was done with your consent. It was all done without the knowledge of knowing who you were. Yifan was right to fear the day you remembered who you were or who Jaebeom was. The more you remembered him the deeper you plan got. It was a plan you couldn't execute alone and you weren't alone... The boys raised their guns to the entrance when they heard movement. Jongdae came around the corner. "Put your guns down he's not going to do anything." You said softly. JB nodded to his men. "Kim Jongdae aided in the death of Yifan." JB said proudly. Jongdae came over to you and hugged you. You let your tears stain his shirt. You couldn't stop them. You just couldn't; you loved Jay, you loved him so much. Your memories weren't all back but by now most of them were. You loved him... You truly did... But somehow.... You loved Yifan too. You didn't pull the trigger but you'd loaded the basically gun. Jongdae moved behind the scenes avoiding being suspected, he let Jackson take the shot at Yifan to set up Sehun and Junmyeon. You took the job of calming all the boys down and making Yifan paranoid. The more you said none of the guys were trying to kill him the more paranoid he got. You'd gotten JB's help about half a year ago. You were married to a JYP boy so you were considered JYP family. That's what Minjun was honoring along with the promise he made Jaebeom. It was also known you were SM now because Yifan took you in. Being former JYP gave you the audience, the moment he heard you wanted Yifan dead you found his interest. He had to be the one to pull the trigger not you, that brought him in more and then the promise of his money sealed the deal. You were the deadliest factor in this plan because you had an influence on all the boys and your poker face was absolute gold. You were taught well and not even Yifan had suspected you. It wasn't something you could be proud of you just got more sick thinking about it. "What happened to Junmyeon?" Jongdae said looking towards the strong chinned one from 2pm. "I just grazed him. Once they took Y/n I left him. I imagine he's still within our territory looking for a way out." He said. "Y/n why did you do this?" Minjun asked you. "Because he took Jay from me. You've tried to kill him too why are you so appalled I've done it?" You said. "Because you're innocent." You shook your head, "Now I'm just as dirty as the rest of you." You said. "She's one of us again." JB smiled. "No." You said sternly. You pulled away from Jongdae and looked at every man in the room. "No, I'm no affiliation. Not Exo, Not 2PM, Not SM, Not JYP. I belong to no one." "You don't leave this life so easily Y/n." The strong jaw one said. "Tae." Minjun said to him. Oh, so he was Taecyeon. You simply looked at him with dark eyes. "Watch me " you said. You turned to Jaebeom, "You'll get your money. For now keep the million the others brought as a down payment. " you told him. "A million wasn't what we agreed to." He said. "A million is all your getting now." You said. Jaebeom raised his gun to you along with the rest of GOT7. Jongdae and you didn't react, even as Minjun and the rest of 2PM raised his gun to them. Jaebeom scoffed, "You'll betray anyone won't you?" He said. "You kill me now and you'll never see the money. You don't think I'd be stupid enough to just give you everything so you could turn around and shoot me too. Not even Jongdae knows where that money is. While I had paranoia going through him because you guys burned the warehouse to ashes, I had Yifan switch the rest of the money to an off shore account and only I know which account that is and what passcode to use. You kill me you'll never get it cent. I'm walking out of here alive and I will send you the money as agreed before." You said. You weren't stupid enough to just believe that Jaebeom would really let you live after you'd given him everything he wanted. Exo was destroyed, their leader dead, their money gone and you at the center of the entire betrayal. Like Jackson said to Minjun, who you were now was very dangerous. JB sighed and got all his men to put their guns down. You and Jongdae walked out of the warehouse leaving everything else behind. You two got outside and smelled the fresh air. The sky was bright and blue, the sun was just over head and you both were....


"Now are you going to tell me why you decided to help me?" You said to Jongdae. He sighed, "Two years after being EXO, Yifan set up an operation to take out an opposite gang. In the gang was my younger brother and my girlfriend at the time, he tortured her and killed her then killed my brother. The thing was my brother was SM as well, he and my girlfriend were undercover. Yifan told me they were killed by their own 'team members' once they found out they were SM agents but that wasn't the case. He'd killed them because he believed it would be better if no member had any outside attachments. Exo was for life and our only life, that's what it meant to him. Our soul focus was to be apart of EXO and nothing more, then you came along. Exo family was still his focus but I think he really did fall for you." He said. You swallowed hard, "Was I wrong?" You said. "Eh, I guess it just depends on how you look at it. You weren't ever meant to be Yifan's in the first place. Honestly the thing that saved your life was you lost your memory and that he saw you useful. What made you worth keeping was that he loved you. Still you wouldn't have been his if Jay was still alive." "Yeah and Jay would still be alive if I wasn't his." You said. Jongdae shrugged, "When you love someone enough you'll make the sacrifices necessary to keep them safe, even if you lose your life doing it. Love is dangerous. It makes you strong, dumb and blind." You looked up at Jongdae. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder. You saw him squint his eyes and use his hand to shield them from the harsh sunlight. A small smile came to his face. "Looks like our ride is here." He said. The blue Camaro pulled up to the two of you and Jongdae opened the door to let you in. You sat in the back and he took the front seat. "Has everything been done?" Chanyeol asked. Jongdae nodded, "It's all over." He said. "Y/n, how are you?" Chanyeol asked. "I'll be fine. What happened to the others? Did anyone survive?" You asked. "Jongin was shot in the leg, his wound isn't too bad but Tao is dead and Luhan has disappeared somewhere. The others are back at the base." He said. Tao was dead. You ignored the pain and the tears. "Will you stay with them?" You asked. He sighed, "Baekhyun is back there, I can't leave him behind. Honestly all the members are family it wouldn't feel right." "What about you Jongdae?" You asked. "I'm going back too. I'll stay if you want me too." "No that's fine." You said. You leaned back and rested your head against the seat. You closed your eyes with a heavy sigh. "Where do I take you?" Chanyeol said. "Seoul Station." You drifted off to sleep as the car began to move. Chanyeol had betrayed Yifan for a similar reason. From what he told you, his sister was sold by Yifan. He sent one of his men after her and sold her off to some guy: human trafficking. Chanyeol's been searching for her for a long time. You even put in help for the search while you two created the plan. Chanyeol was going back for Baekhyun, there was no denying that there was a bond between the two of them but he could also use SM's resources to find his sister again. He couldn't have been suspected of betrayal. Jongdae had given you help when he found out that you had been searching 2PM. There was a trail leading back to you and he was covering it for you. He'd finally approached you to ask you what you remembered and it took sometime but he eventually got you to explain the memories. He told you he'd join you because he had his own reason for wanting Yifan dead. Jongdae was the one to tell Chanyeol about his sister being sold by Yifan, he'd found the records about it and he'd originally been searching in the wrong places until Jongdae had enlighten him. With Chanyeol seeing red, you three had created the perfect plan. You had set up Junmyeon but just enough to spread suspicion, you didn't want him dead. You also had Chanyeol start arguments and get upset with Yifan, this way he'd cause enough commotion for Jongdae to work his magic. Jongdae would try to diffuse situations just as you were, which meant no suspicion was coming your way. Jongdae had planted JB's bug in the warehouse the day you all discussed the heist so that he knew what would happen. He was also the one to get rid of it in time before any of Team B came across it. You had given the order for JB and the rest of GOT7 to burn down the warehouse and the money which baited Yifan into retaliating. You knew SM boss would force his hand to get him to get more money to replace what was lost. Chanyeol suggesting you were the betrayer was just to throw everyone off, despite it being true. You were Yifan's girl, as far as you were suppose to know, you had no reason to turn against Yifan. 2pm was an addition added by JB. You still didn't remember any of the guys aside from Minjun but as you slept the first time you met them had come to mind.... Jay pulled you into the living room of his place. You were dressed in a white dress with peach colored flowers all over it. Your hair was in springy curls and you were nervous. "Come on baby girl you'll be great." "Jay what if they don't like me?" You said. He quickly kissed you, "I like you, that's all that matters." He said. You sighed but gave him a smile. He pulled you along and brought you in front of all the guys in the room. In order he said, "Alright that's,Chansung, Wooyoung, Minjun, Junho, Taecyeon and Nichkhun. He's Thai." You smiled nervously and waved to them all. "Hi." You said. They either waved or nodded back, "This is my girlfriend, her name is Y/n. So be nice to her and look out for her, she's going to be around for a while." He grabbed your cheeks and kissed your lips making you blush as he did... "Y/n." A hand shook you and you woke up to see Jongdae had reached over to get you up and Chanyeol was looking at you from in the mirror. "We're here." He said. "Thanks." You got out and gave Jongdae a hug. You circled around to the driver's side and reached through the window to hug Chanyeol goodbye. "Take care of yourself." Chanyeol said. You nodded, "Yeah you too." "There's a bag in the trunk, take it with you." he said. "What's in it?" You asked. "Money." Chanyeol answered. You were about to refuse when Jongdae said, "Just put it back when you give us our cuts." He said. You gave him a soft smile and nodded, "Sure will." You went to the trunk and opened the door. You checked the bag to make sure only money was in it and then closed the trunk, taking the bag with you. You blew them a kiss goodbye and they pulled off. You walked into the train station and ordered a ticket: Incheon International airport. Where were you going? To see the world you supposed... "Why is a pretty girl like you crying?" He spoke softly as he wiped your tears away with a tissue. "It's nothing just some personal things." you said. "Well why don't you tell me?" "You want to hear some girl's sob story?" You said sniffing. He brushed your hair behind your ear but when he did you felt the back of his fingers lightly run across your cheek. You took in a deep breath at the feeling of his touch. You looked up at him. "If talking about it will make you stop crying then of course. If you cry too much your eyes will blur and you'll get hurt. I'd feel guilty." He said. "You don't know me." "So?" He smiled. His smile was beautiful and big. His teeth were white and beautiful. The waitress placed the coffee down on the counter and you thanked her and started to fix the coffee how you liked it. You took a sip and looked up at him. He was waiting for you to speak. You gave in, "It's just something with my brother. He's the oldest of me and my other brothers and he's just over bearing." He nodded, "Well maybe I can help." You chuckled, "How?" "Let me take you out to dinner tonight. It'll get your mind off of it." He said. You blinked, "What?" "Come on it'll be fun. I'll take you dancing too if you like. If you have fun you'll stop crying and what ever your brother has said will float out of your mind. Trust me baby when I'm around all your focus will be on me." He slightly lifted your chin with a finger and you laughed. Your tears had stopped falling, "Okay. Sure." "Great I'll pick you up at eight?" He said. You nodded, "Okay." He smiled and held out his hand, "I'm Jay. Park, Jaebeom." You took his hand and shook it, "Y/F/N." "Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too." You chuckled....
I agree @JessicaEvaristo amazing job I can't wait for the epilogue woo I love this story!!!!
I'm so glad you guys liked it it's my first thriller type genre so I'm excited you like it.
😱😱😱😱 Liked how you took out the 3 Chinese members and kept the rest.....loved the story like always ❀❀❀
You know I didn't realize that until I finished it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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@BabydollBre 😁😁😁😁😁