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Doumo friends!! I'm doing a small giveaway this year. I've had a lot of fun being part of this community and getting to know some of you, and wanted to start off the year with something fun. I will be giving away 2 of each journals (One Piece, DBZ and Sailor Moon) and 1 of each legendary Pokemon mini hang pillows. All you have to do is heart this card and comment what your favorite anime is and why, and what item you would like (mention only 1 please). You will be entered into a raffle and randomly chosen, that's it! Easy right?! If you are under Entries will begin now, and will be accepted until Saturday, January 14th 2017. You can follow my collections to see further awesome anime and other giveaways in the future (if this one goes over well). Sumimasen! ❤️
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My Favorite anime is Fairytail I seen it from the beginning to the end 4 times(dub/sub) and my library finally has FAIRYTAIL mangas that I'm reading and right now I'm in volume 4. I love fairytail and the characters are all very inspiring in there own. Love the way everyone in the Fairytail guild treat each other as family. The feels always get to me in the sad moments and in the joyful moments. I really like the way how this anime can get me all worked up so...easily and how it gets my attention so...easily. All the fighting scenes are so cool. Oooh...and the opening/ending songs are all great! I love it!😍 They have taught me me so much and the persons that I look up to is Ezra and Natsu. I want to be as strong as Erza and look at life in a positive way like Natsu. Everytime I see Natsu smile I smile because its so inspiring and I really like his smile. I'm so thankful that this anime exists. Fairytail is part of me and they are also my family. I can't live without it and that's why it's my favorite anime. And...if I may choose a prize I would pick....🤔 the Articuno hang pillow please and thank you😊 ohhh, and 😀thank you for taking the time to read this comment
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Same here! (I say while fangirling :))
My favorite out of these is One Piece. I like anime's with adventure, and One Piece has tons of it! Although this isn't my favorite anime [fairy tail is] One Piece as some amazing characters and I hope others learn to love this anime as much as I do. I would choose the One Piece Journal
My favorite anime is fairy tail because of the feels. I love the comardarie and love between the characters. the humor is always timed perfectly and I just love the adventures they go on. I'd like a journal please
Bleach is my favorite anime because of it's story, characters and lore. Bleach has a great concept to it which it didn't squander and made it to where any character could be your favorite rather than a small handful. As for the journal's hmmm... One Piece that wanted thing is just awesome :D
My favorite anime is Rurouni Kenshin, why I love this anime is because it can show no matter what you did in the past you can change to have a brighter future and not be afraid to stand for what you believe in. Plus my boyfriend (now fiancé) would sit and watch it with me and told me he would always be the Kenshin to my Karou >/////<
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The sailor moon notebook