Let's check out what the boys shared with Storia is past week~
All trans cr: HB
[INSTAGRAM] 170102 Kim Sihyoung
#꽃#새해#꽃길 만 걸으시길
#Flowers#NewYear I hope you only walk on #FloweryRoads
[INSTAGRAM] 170103 Sihyoung Drawing from _blackpigmusic_ Instagram
Sihyoung could like start a small business for his artwork!
[INSTAGRAM] 170104 Na Dokyun
He just got a mission to come for our lives in 2017 I can sense it lol
(He also posted the photo of Kyungil at the graduation ceremony but he deleted it...)
[INSTAGRAM] 170104 Kim Jaeho
2017년은 꼭 #새해복많이받으세요
#HappyNewYears for sure in 2017
[INSTAGRAM] 170105 Kim Sihyoung
for inoran…
#art #jp #lunasea #inoran #family #rock #artist
You know
🤔I’m having a graduation performance
이거긴한데 안자고머하냥
It’ll be here, but what are you all doing up
[INSTAGRAM] 170105 Kim Sihyoung
23번 훈련병 송경일 수료식
23rd recruit Song Kyungil’s graduation ceremony
[T/N: Kyungil has graduated from his trainingㅋㅋ]
You can see all photos and videos from his graduation here.
[INSTAGRAM] 170105 Kyungil from jongchula_’s Instagram
I'm guessing that's his mom seeing how she looks very much alike~
[INSTAGRAM / TWITTER] 170106 Jang Yijeong
공연 하루 전 폐인
Dejected a day before the concert.
내일 7시 학동 엠팟홀 공연 많이 와주세요 몇년만의 홍보봇인지
Please come to the M-Pot hall in Hakdong at 7pm tomorrow. It feels like I haven’t been been a promo bot in years.
And for many who ever wanted to see YiJeong perform "1Century" your wishes have been answered!
Like this remix of the song is amazing! YiJeong is incredibly talented~
He graduated from DIMA (Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts) on this day~
All Storia that came out to support were lucky enough to take a selca with him after the show.
He also took a couple pics with his idol friends from Topp Dogg and AceMax Black
YiJeong even has (clear) braces now!
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I thought I recognise Yano from Topp Dogg.