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Yey! 2 parts in one day! since I had the day to lounge around I was writing a lot today so it meant I wrote lol.
Yoongi view**** I swear now that I had my girl, which Tae and Kooki helped with, I kind of felt obligated to help them out as well. The least I could do was aso Keri if she could ask Layla who she liked. "Yoongi you okay?" Keri asked getting my attention.   After she had gotten back from her parents on the third she called to have me come over.  She had brought home seaweed pancakes, onogiri, and some kind of nutty roll that her and her parents made for the new years. Keri had said that she wanted me to taste them so had brought some back with her. " Just thinking" I said looking over at her. "How was visiting your parents?" I asked. "Meh, full of family drama, you need a real job, you need a new years resolution to loose weight, bunch of drama over preparing food" she grinned. "My family is loud and dramatic" she said. "You sound used to those comments" I said distastefully. I didn't like that she was used to people telling her to loose weight and get a job when she looked just find and had her dream job. "I am used to them, been hearing it since I was sixteen" she said with a shrug "but I do enjoy the drama at the house, my grandma and aunts are very gossipy. Its like having a TV drama. Just as long as I make no comment I'm safe" I chuckled. "Well put like that I can see why it would be entertaining.  Is that why you didn't want me going with you?" I asked. She nodded. "Hell yes. I think you would run the complete opposite direction of the house.  But it will be a whole new drama, asking all questions about you. Hmm think of interrogation and that's what it will be like" she said. That made me laugh. Mostly because it would be very true. "So Now you know the crazy secret of my family" she said. "I guess I do" I stated. "So you have to tell me a secret about yourself" she said. I said the most random thing I could think of. "I play with my toes" I said surprising even myself. How did that come to mind? . . . . Right bear documentary the other day. "Um. How should I respond to that?" She had a blank face. I groaned. "How do you play with your toes?" She asked. I couldn't help but chuckled. "Honestly, I saw it on a bear documentary the other day. Bears play with their feet when they are bored" I said. "So that's your secret, you watch animal documentaries" she laughed. "That is something I can believe" she added. "Yea I guess its something not a lot of people know. I like learning things" I chuckled. The conversation started to simmer down after that as she put rice on the table and we started eating the seaweed pancakes, rice and sides. "Anything interesting happen while I was gone?" Keri asked. "These are really good pancakes" I commented. "Thanks." She nodded. "I heard Tae walked Layla home that morning" she added. "Yes so?" I said. "Dunno, thought that would have been interesting. Plus only thing I heard" she shrugged. Crap, this was my chance to ask her about Layla. I should. "Well I should ask you, you know for the other guys, not for me" I started. Her eyes shifted. "Okay for Kooki and Tae specifically" I said. "Okay, what is it?" She asked. "Can you ask Layla who she likes?" I asked  "Or if she doesn't like anyone that's good too" I added. Keri stopped and chuckled. "What?" I asked  "Oh I already know I don't have to ask" she said. "You do?" I perked up. "Yes. But I won't tell you" she shook her head back and forth. "Why not?" I asked. "Because it'd not my place" she said. "But they really want to know. Keri they already created shipnames with her" I explained and she just laughed. "Oh please share I need to know" she leaned in. "I'll share if you share" I grinned. Keri thought about it, she looked pained by it. "Nope! But I will be doing my own little cupid dance when the time comes" she leaned back. "Awe baby tell me and I'll help" I said. She still refused. I left her house a couple hours later and went back to the dorm. Tae and Kooki jumped me the moment I came in. "Did you ask? Did you? Did you?" They bombarded me. "I did" I said. "And will she ask?" Tae Asked "Oh she knows, and isn't going to tell me" I said. "Ah no, she has too" Tae whined. "You didn't try hard enough. You should have seduced her" kooki said. A laugh came out of me. "Oh I wonder why I didn't think of that" I said. "You did and she still wouldn't tell you?" Tae popped his head up. "No. If you two really want to know you two can pry it out of her next time you see her" I said. An evil look came across Tae's face. "Stay away from my girlfriend!" I pointed at him. "Never!" He shouted back.
Looks like we are all anxious to see what our little trouble maker has planned. I know I am!
Haha I want to know what Tae comes up with lol
Me too....with how he thinks, it could be anything.
that's adorable lol
The part where Yoongi says he plays with his toes, I can just imagine a bear with Yoongi's head photoshopped on the body playing with his toes. It's adorable
omg i can only IMAGINE what scheme Tae came up with
lol I wonder to what Tae is thinking of doing. 😂💙