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Summary: "Seven boys, and seven abilities. Working in secret, together as a team, and only together, can they take down anyone who decides to hurt the innocent or forge a tainted future. Will they all be able to stay on the side of good? Or will some be tempted over to evil?"
Part: Chapter 5
First Part: Introduction
Previous Part: Chapter 4
Next Part: Chapter 6
Warning: Strong language.
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Narrator's P.O.V:
"I'm glad you're alright Taehyungie. You were very careful, cautious, and mindful when he came into your store. I'm proud," Namjoon greeted hours later. Taehyung and Jungkook had woken from their nap not ten minutes before Namjoon had woken up as well.
"Awe you're so sweet," Taehyung jokingly giggled. Namjoon scoffed at him, sitting with everyone in the living room and waiting to hear what he'd missed. "I just did what i felt was right. Also, i was lucky that i was feeding Jen at the time. If not, it would've looked like i was intentionally arming myself if i'd just walked to her cage." Taehyung explained, sipping some coffee that Yoongi made for him and the others.
"Alright, give me the details Yoongi." Namjoon gulped down half his coffee and waited. he didn't sift through any of their thoughts out of respect and trust that they'd all tell him the truth. Also, he'd found out that digging through the minds of those with abilities was a lot more stressing on his mind than humans. He figured it had to do with the way their genetics were formed and how they must've been significantly stronger than that of a humans.
Yoongi explained the plan in detail, carefully watching Namjoon's expression. Namjoon tended to overthink any plan and Yoongi could tell the exact moment when he did so. His mind worked an actual mile a minute and it exhausted him almost immediately, so Yoongi watched him to prevent that from happening.
Once he was done explaining, Namjoon nodded in agreement.
"Once you find someone who has a clingy assistant, I'll look through Woo Bin's mind and make sure he's never seen or even heard of said business man. As for Kookie, i am kind of worried. Neither of you know how to fight, in case this get's ugly." Namjoon explained. Kookie looked down at his hands, ashamed that he couldn't be more help to the group. A small part of him took pride in being the escape, but he wanted to contribute so much more.
"I really, really didn't want to say anything," J-Hope sighed, taking a swift shot of Soju. Coffee never sat well with him. "I want to keep you away from fighting at all costs Kookie. I really do. You're the youngest of us, and the only one left of all of us with enough innocence that if you wanted a normal life, you could have one. If you wanted to-"
"Shut up," Jungkook bit. His head still hung low, but anger and frustration built up inside of him. He felt beyond hurt that J-Hope would even suggest that. "We all grew up on the same block. We all discovered our abilities together. We all helped each other, cared for each other, and loved each other when most of our fucking parents wouldn't. How could you even dare suggest, to my face, that i'd want to lead a normal life? How could you have the audacity to sit here and tell me and everyone, that just because i'm the youngest, i'm "innocent?" As if i haven't seen at least half of what you've all put yourselves through!"
Namjoon winced at the sudden thoughts Jungkook was screaming in his head. The way that it was strenuous on his mind whenever he sifted through the lives and minds of super humans, the same applied to when they thought loudly. Jimin noticed and immediately stood up to stand behind Jungkook who had also stood up in the middle of his ranting. Jimin quietly snaked a his hand softly through his hair, using persuasion to calm him down.
Jungkook's legs felt weak and tired. His eyes fluttered a bit and a sigh escaped his lips as Jimin snaked a hand around his waist. In a matter of seconds, he was soundly asleep and Jimin was holding him up, sighing into his neck. Neither of them had ever seen Jungkook so mad, but he was rightfully so.
"He'll wake up in a few minutes. It was just to calm him down," Jimin glared at J-Hope who had an emotionless expression painted on his face, as usual. "You crossed the line hyung-"
"I'm aware," J-Hope sighed, taking his second shot. He was careful not to reach for another one, knowing he'd get tipsy. Jimin sat down, leaning Jungkook's head in Taehyung's lap. Taehyung happily and quietly tended to him. "I'll apologize when he wakes up, though, i initially wanted to say that he's been secretly watching me practice my knife skills for the past six months. He was really careful about it, and i didn't even notice it until maybe a week after he started. I caught on, but he would watch me, then later on practice on his own. He replaces my agility with teleportation."
"How... exactly?" Jin asked. J-Hope pointed at his mind for Jin to see for himself. Jin would be able to explain it better than him. If Namjoon were to look, he'd get more information than he'd bargain for, end up with a migraine, and it wouldn't be a pretty sight.
Jin stood up behind him, placing the index and middle finger of both his hands gently on J-Hope's temple's. He cracked his neck a bit and began explaining.
"Oh... I get it. Wow, this is... actually impressive. So instead of, let's say quickly punching forward at a speed that the human eye can't detect, what Jungkook does is he get's close enough to look like he's actually going to hit you, but teleports behind you. The blow lands in an unexpected location. He's practiced with a knife, a broom, even... a plant? Wow talk about making use of your surroundings." Jin laughed a bit.
Namjoon and Yoongi both thought for a moment before looking down at Jungkook. They both thought how much he really had grown.
"He's been practicing his teleportation as well. He's fast enough to where i can't keep up, but i'm sure J-Hope can. I can barely see when his foot touches the ground." Jin finished. He rubbed J-Hopes temples calmly, knowing that looking back at memories gave anyone a headache.
J-Hope reached up to squeeze his wrist a bit, letting him know he was okay. Jin sat back down, folding one leg calmly over the other. J-Hope sighed, knowing that everything Jungkook said was right. He wasn't in a position to argue or go against him, when he could tell Jungkook wanted this. No... he needed this. To feel like he mattered.
"I know you're awake Jungkook," J-Hope spoke. "I'm sorry... I really am. I'll help you-"
"If you've been watching me then why haven't you said anything," Jungkook mumbled into Taehyung's stomach, curling up a bit more.
"Because truthfully i still look at you as a child," J-Hope admitted. "But i was wrong to do so. You may still act like a child in some aspects, but... you're old enough to make this choice for yourself. If you want to learn, I'll teach you. You've proven that you really want to learn, and even trained your abilities, advancing them."
Jungkook wrapped and arm around Taehyung's waist, nuzzling his tummy to calm himself down. He was still mad, but was also sorry for getting so angry. He didn't mean to attack J-Hope like that. He just wanted to be seen differently. To be treated differently.
"Thank you... and i'm sorry for getting so mad i didn't mean to-"
"You had every right too," J-Hope cut him off. "Don't ever apologize for being right."
"Okay, you start training in the morning. The banquet is on Saturday at six in the evening. In the meantime, Yoongi, you look for a business man, Taehyung you keep watching him through animals, Jimin you work on controlling and advancing your ability, while Jin and I try to control my own. I've decided that instead of sifting through his mind for hours as I've done to our other targets, i'll take it a little at a time. Jin will help record information so that i won't have to retain it all in my mind. This will hopefully help. Also Jimin, remember, controlling your ability is more important than advancing it. Everyone clear?" Namjoon explained. He was in full on leader mode.
"Yes Sir," everyone said.
"Now," Namjoon spoke to himself, walking to his room. Jin followed closely behind, knowing Namjoon would need his help. "Let's find out just how dangerous you are, Kim Woo Bin."
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