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What's Your Favorite Ghibli Studio Movie?
There's so many Ghibli Studio Movies like:

Spirited Away,

My Neighbor Totoro,

Kiki's Delivery Service

and many More!

But my question for all of you is...

What is Your Favorite Ghibli Studio Movie?

We all have our personal favorites but are:

1. Howel's Moving Castle

2. My Neighbor Totoro

These are my top two that I love, I put Howel's Moving Castle first because It actually was my first ever movie I watched of Ghibli Studios and I've Loved it ever since I was little before I knew what Anime was. Totoro is second because he's a very cute creature even the tiny Totoro's ...I also have a Totoro Backpack, Mousepad, Paint by Number and Wallet .... Now I just need a Plushie and a Phone case lol

So Who's your Favorite Ghibli Studio Movie?

My Pokemon Team

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howls and kikis!!!
10 months agoReply
it's between Howl's moving castle and Spirit away I've always loved those two movies
10 months agoReply
I love Spirited Away, that movie is fantastic 馃槉
10 months agoReply
#1 is my neighbor totoro then #2 is howls moving castle 鈽衡樅
10 months agoReply
1. Howl's Moving Castle 2. My Neighbor Totoro 3. Spirited Away
9 months agoReply