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Que tal mis Shikon Jewels!

It's Smexy Inuyasha Saturdays and I hope yall ready. This is a quick a short fanfiction.

This is for 16+

Shikon Jewel Squad

You had been busy all day with Sango helping Lady Kaede look for herbs and plants to make medicine for the village. You had no time to play around with you boyfriend Inuyasha. He stopped by earlier looking for you but you were nowhere to be found. Finally you and Sango make it back to yall home that you two shared with the gang (Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo). You all cooked and finally was finished eating. Inuyasha glared at you from across the room the whole night but you ignored those bright amber eyes. As you all got ready for bed. You noticed Inuyasha was missing, but you did not stop what you were doing. Inuyasha was known to wonder off. Suddenly from your window you heard someone go psst to you. You looked out but didn't see anything. You slowly walked out into the darkness hoping your curiosity didn't get you killed. Suddenly you look up and see Inuyasha shirtless with and sexy grin on his face. He curled his pointer finger at you motioning you to come over to him. You blush as you walk to him. You playfully hit his strong chest and ran your hands down his abs. He bit his lips and grinned at you. "Oh you think I'm going reward such poor behavior? You have been ignoring me all day woman." He said "Well you know I have to stay focused boi you always distract me Inuyasha." He lifted your head up and planted a deep kiss on your lips. After a few he began kissing and biting on your neck. You let out a moan as he grabbed your butt and pinned you on the tree. He them licked your ear while rubbing you through your underwear. You thought just from one soft touch you were going to burst. Then Inuyasha grinned and lowered his lips to your ear. "Bad girls don't get rewarded...don't ignore me again." He stepped back and tied up his clothing. You whined and pouted. "Inuyasha I hate you so much you mean dog!" "Hate you even more I know it's love baby." His voice was so sexy as he slowly walked away. "I love you too." You said as you followed behind him.

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short and sexy πŸ˜‰
Yas I love that anime!!!!!