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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Smut & Angst Readers 18+ only Story: He liked to party and you were okay with that until you started to feel like his burden rather than his prize. (Inspired by Dean's song I'm not sorry)
Y/n's POV You sat at the bar with your best friend. You two were taking shots now, you'd spent most of the night sipping on Sprite while she nursed a gin and tonic. You two were laughing about something when someone came and wrapped their arm around you. "For instance take this lovely lady." He said "Whoa hold on don't just offer me to the wolves." You said. The guy laughed, "Oh wow she's cute and she has humor. What's your name?" "Y/n." you said "Y/n? That's pretty cute, now listen Y/n come close." He said. You laughed while your friend watched. He was already close but you moved like you got closer to him. "Now Ms. Y/n, you look like a woman of superb quality and excellent taste so be honest: you'd sleep with my friend wouldn't you?" He said. You laughed, "After meeting him in a bar, no way." "Oh see I told you." His friend said. Both boys were good looking though. The one with his arm wrapped around you was adorable. He was a bit eccentric but he was cute. His friend was a cross between handsome and cute. He looked harmless but you suspected he might be anything but. He had high cheeks and a sweet smile. He looked at you like you were prey though as small as you felt you also felt attracted to him. He was hot and it wasn't the alcohol talking. "No no, listen she just said that because she doesn't want to seem easy. So let's just say if you were to get to know my friend here would you sleep with him?" You laughed with your best friend. "Maybe." You said. "Oh maybe we're getting closer. Come on Y/n be nice he's gone through a bad break up he needs a good girl in his life. Let him buy you a drink at least." He said. "Oh come on Y/n cut the guy a break. You said you wanted to be wild tonight didn't you? So be wild." Ae-cha gave you a wink. The man with his arm around you pointed at Ae-cha with a huge smile and said, "Aye I like this girl. Come on listen to your friend, be wild. We'll take you up to the V.I.P section you can meet so famous people." He said. You shook your head but sighed, "Alright fine but don't ever say I didn't do anything wild in my life." You said to Ae-cha. "I promise." She laughed. "Alright I'm taking your friend because I like her. Simon get Y/n a drink." The guy said. You laughed as Ae-cha floated off with her drunk suitor. You looked up at this Simon guy and gave him a smile. You were still seated and he held out his hand. "Perhaps it's best if we follow, we tend to get bombarded by fans the longer we stay down here." He said. "Fans? Are you guys in a group?" You asked. "You don't know us?" He said surprised. You shrugged, "Sorry." "Do you know Jay Park?" He asked. "Well I've heard of him but I'd hardly say I know him." You said with a little giggle. "He's the CEO in AOMG and I'm Co- CEO." "Fancy, I knew idols came to this place but sorry I've never heard of you guys." You said. "You'll learn." He smirked. His smirk was cute and inviting. He held up his hand higher for you to take it and you grabbed onto it. He turned to the bartender and quickly slipped him some cash for a bottle of champagne. He held the champagne in one hand and pulled you through the crowd with the other. So many people were snapping photos of him you actually tried hiding your face in his back. When you two got upstairs, the floor below looked like a whole new realm compared to the V.I.P section. The place was definitely more private, the music was amazing but the bodies were few. More room to move around but now eyes had fallen on you and Simon as he walked in ahead of you. He greeted his many friends and he turned to you and waved you over. You made your way over spotting Ae-cha and that other guy in the corner necking. "Y/n this is, Loco, Ugly Duck, Wegun, Cha Cha, Hoody and Jay park himself." He introduced you. You shook hands with most of them, the others sort of waved to you and you waved back. Jay had a woman with him that Simon didn't introduce you too, probably because he didn't know her either. He handed the champagne to Hoody who passed it to Cha Cha. Cha Cha decided to open it. It popped loudly and foamed over. He quickly poured it into the glasses to keep it from getting on the floor. Two glasses were passed to Ae-cha and the other guy. You leaned over to whisper in Simon's ear, "What's your friend's name? The one that's making out with my friend." "That's Gray. Actually his name is Seonghwa, my name is Kiseok. You can use whichever you like." He said. You nodded. He handed you a glass of champagne and they all partied. Simon got you up and dancing while Ae-cha and Seonghwa continued sucking each others face. You were feeling a little drunk yourself so you went to sit down and fan yourself off. Simon sat next to you and he leaned over to whisper in your ear. "Is everything okay?" "Oh yeah I'm just a little drunk." You chuckled. "Do you want get out of here?" He said. "Oh no, no I couldn't leave Ae-cha." You said. Your eyes made their way to her. Gray was basically on top of her. They were in full on make out mode. You wondered if she even came up for air. Simon chuckled, "Looks like she's having a party of her own. Gray will take care of her don't worry." He said. Normally you'd stick with a no but you were drunk and admittedly ready to leave. He stood up and said goodbye to everyone and then held his hand out to you to help you up off the couch. Simon tapped on Gray's shoulder and he moved back to see Simon. "Aw don't tell me she's taking her from me already." He said. "No, she just wanted to make sure she had a way home." Simon said. "Oh don't worry Ms. Y/n I'll bring her back safe and sound." He grinned. You nodded. "Um Y/n are you leaving?" Ae-cha asked. "Yeah, I've had a lot to drink." "Well then maybe I should take you home." She said concerned. You shook your head, "You've had more drinks than me." "Well then call Hakyeon to come pick you up." She said. Simon snaked his arm around your waist, "Don't worry I've got her. She'll be safe with me." He said. Ae-cha looked at Simon and then at you. The concern was on her face and she stood up and grabbed your hand and pulled you away from Simon. She didn't falter in her heels even as she came close to your face, "Look I get it, you're being wild but do you really think it's a good idea to go back to his place? You just met the guy." "You were just sticking your tongue down his best friends throat." You countered. "This isn't about me. Y/n you'll hate me if I let you do something like this, it isn't you." She said. "No, I'll be fine. Look this is exactly what I need to get over what's-his-face you said so yourself. It'll just be one night I promise." You said. She looked like she didn't want to let you go but she sighed and gave in. She held out her pinky and you guys locked pinkies. She pointed a finger at you and said, "You better be careful, do you understand me?" "Yes mother." You said walking back over to Simon. He welcomed you under his arm with a warm smile and you two headed down the stairs. Ae-cha called after you, "And call Hakyeon for godsakes he'll worry about you." She said. Ae-cha, you and Hakyeon were close friends and roommates. They both knew you were usually very reserved and only really came out when you were around them. Alcohol made you sleepy, hot and honestly horny so you had figured when she brought you out to the club tonight she was doing it to get you laid anyway. Although, you supposed she imagined you getting nailed in the back room or a bathroom rather than going home with someone. After breaking up with your last boyfriend, Jihoon, she decided to take you out for some fun. You had been stuck in your room the past few weeks and she figured it was time for you to get your groove back. Despite being horny though, you were still cautious. "Simon you've been drinking too." You said. "Don't worry I'm having my driver pick us up." He said. "Are we going back to your place?" You asked. "Yeah." He answered. You started getting cold and held yourself. Simon took off his jacket and draped it over your shoulders. "Thank you." You said. "You're welcome." A black BMW pulled up and he opened the door for you to get in. You slid all the way in with him accompanying you. The driver pulled off and Simon turned to look at you. He lifted your chin with his finger and you met his eyes just as he leaned in to kiss you. His lips were soft against yours and he moved slow. His tongue licked your lips begging for access and you parted them. He deepened the kiss and pushed you back against the seat. Your hand combed through his hair and then you broke the kiss for breath. You really were drunk if you were doing this. "Are you afraid of me?" Simon asked. "No." you said while he leaned in closer to your lips. "Do you want me to ask for permission?" He said. He gave you a teasing smile, his hot breath against your lips and his seductive low voice had your core aching. "You have permission." You said. "Good " he said. He crashed his lips over yours, his fingers going up your dress and moving your panties to the side. You gripped his shoulder as he kissed you harder. He opened your legs and his fingers came to your heat. He came off your lips, "Shit you're already so wet." He said. You looked at him feeling your face turn red. He smiled at you then brought his head down between your legs opening them just a bit more and you felt his tongue lick your clit in long teasing strokes. His tongue came all the way down your entrance and then up to your clit again. You bit the back of your finger and willed yourself not to make a sound. Your other hand came to his hair and you moaned a little when your felt his lips cover your clit. Your hips began to grind up in his face and you threw your head back. You caught the driver looking back in the mirror for a moment but you didn't have the sense to be nervous or cautious anymore. His tongue made circles on your clit and you could hear him lapping up your juices. He came back up to kiss you and he pushed two fingers inside of you as he did. You gasped and looked down, "Simon." You moaned. He brushed your hair behind your head. His fingers moved inside of you curling up to reach a nice spot that had you making high moans. You gripped onto Simon's shirt and he came close to kiss your neck. You moved to give him room and his lips sucked marks onto your skin. His fingers picked up speed making you clench your teeth to fight sounds coming out. Your leg came up creating a different feeling that had you in love with that sensation. "Don't cum yet." He said. "Uh! Kiseok I- feel so good." You said panting. "Come here." He said He wrapped his arm around you and brought your leg on the other side of his lap so you straddled him. His fingers were still inside of you. He added a third and looked up at you. You looked down at him. Your hair spilling to one side only half framing your face. "Ride my fingers." He said. You could feel your core tighten at his words but you began to move anyway. Your hips rocked back and forth while he pushed his fingers in and out of you. The speed and movement was amazing. You were so wet for him. You probably shouldn't have done this but alcohol was present and your mind was not. You started moving faster on his fingers and he could see it, how close you were getting. He pulled his fingers out of you making you whine. "Why?" You whined into his neck. "It'll be more fun if we come together." He said. He sat you back in the seat properly and raised two fingers to your lips. He painted your lips with your juices. You licked your lips allowing his fingers into your mouth to get cleaned by your tongue. Your tongue swirled around his digits and you sucked them clean before he took his fingers back. The other two fingers that had been inside you he licked clean himself and he grinned at you deviously. "You taste good." He said. You were panting as you were watching him closely. The car stopped moving, "We're here sir." The driver said. Simon quickly got you out of the car and into the elevator of the building. You two were headed to the top floor where the penthouses were. His hands roamed your butt while he kissed you hard. The elevators opened on the fourteenth floor and Simon quickly looked to the woman and man waiting and promptly said, "Take the next one." He pressed the button that closed the elevator doors and came back to you. You tried to speak but his lips had shut you up. His tongue was exploring your mouth. Your heart was racing and you were ready for him to be inside of you. He was was ready to be inside of you. You made it to the door of his penthouse and he let you in after he opened the door. He tossed his jacket to the side without a care and came to you again. He grabbed the hem of your black dress and in one swoop he pulled it over your head and off of you. He was moving fast. He turned you around and pulled off your panties. He leaned you over the couch and he kissed your neck a little more. "Wait." You said. He let out a frustrated sigh. His hand gripped the back of the couch as he said, "What's wrong?" "Wear a condom, don't just go in." You said turning to look at him. He nodded. Thank goodness you both had enough sense for that. He left from behind you for second and he came back and took his pants off. You heard him rip a wrapper open and you peeked back to see him placing the magnum over himself. His fingers came to your heat again gathering your sweetness and he began to run his hand up and down his shaft. He lifted your leg onto the back of the couch so you only had one leg holding you up. He pushed inside of you making you moan out loud. He started moving slowly, keeping his pace even and calm and then he slowly picked up. He wrapped his hand around you to grab your neck while his other hand held your waist. You gripped the couch trying to keep yourself stable. Your moans filled the living room. "Y/n you're so good.- So tight." He said. "Kiseok." You moaned. Your hand ran through your hair pushing it back behind your head only for you to look down while he rammed into you from behind and your hair fell again. "Don't stop." You moaned. You were moaning so loudly. Your fingers came to your clit to tease it. Your drew quick circles on it while his hand came down on your ass. "Fuck." "Shit baby that's sexy." He said. He spanked you again. Your moans were loud and with a little pain mixed in. He pulled out of you to bring you around to the couch. He sat you down and spread your legs. He leaned over you and found your entrance again. He kept going, moving fast. Your hands came and wrapped around his back. You weren't sure when he took off his shirt since you'd been facing the other way for some time nor did you care. Your nails scratched at his back making him groan. He pushed into you harder making you scream. "Oh fuck, fuck." You moaned. "You like that?" He grinned. "Yes oppa. Fuck me harder." you said. His hips moved rougher and harder into you. Your bodies clashed, you both were a sweaty mess. "I'm gonna cum!" You screamed. He moved harder and your back arched off the couch in a powerful orgasm. You squeezed him tightly as he continued moving and he found his release soon after you. Your body jerked while he rode down both your highs. You fell asleep just after that.... It had been a good month after that, when you had gone down the block to the new candy store that opened up where you saw him again. You bumped into him by accident. You backed up and looked up to apologize when you noticed it was him. "Y/n." He smiled. "Hi. Sorry." You smiled politely. He was with his friends as well. One you recognized as Gray, you couldn't forget him the others names you tried to remember; you were sure it was Loco and Cha Cha. Simon had a lollipop in his mouth and he pulled it out to talk to you. He leaned down and said, "You were really good that night." He said. You blushed. You were really drunk that night and you'd woken up the next day and snuck out. You left him a note that said thanks for the night and sorry for leaving without a word and then you left. The idea was to not see him again, he didn't seem to like that idea. "Baby don't you know it's rude to just run off like that. You didn't even leave your number." He said. "Um. Sorry, I-it's just that I figured it was a one night only kind of thing." you said. "Are you willing to make it longer?" He grinned. Your eyes got wide and you blushed harder. "Aw you're embarrassing her hyung." Gray said. "She wasn't so easily embarrassed that night. You should've seen her in the car and her voice-" "Stop! Please, stop." You said covering your face. "Alcohol turns people." Gray said. "Y/n give me your number so I can call you again." Simon said. He handed you his phone and you looked up at him surprised. He nodded and you sighed and input your number into his phone. He pressed the call button and listened for your phone to ring which it did. He ended the call and smiled, "Just checking. I'll call you tonight, if you're not doing anything I'll come pick you up. We can have some fun." He said. He took a lollipop out of his pocket and took off the cover and held it to your lips. You smiled and he smiled back. He pressed it to your lips and you opened your mouth to take it in while your hand came up to grab the stick. Simon looked you up and down and said, "See you soon baby Y/n." He walked off with a smile and his friends followed. Wait till Ae-cha here's about this...
Aww shit loving the story already....(bet your going to hurt me later on) its cool i can handle it ❤❤❤
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