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ps. blue exorsist S2 Ep1 is awsome!!!!!! rin always bae❤❤❤
here are some that aren't on your list (btw some are bl since I saw a few on your list) loveless, the betrayal knows my name, servamp, cheer danshi, nobari no ou, togainu no chi, switch, death parade, 07-ghost, black bullet, amnesia, kareval, aoharuxkikanjuu, charlotte, denpa onna to seishun otoko, durarara, gakuen heaven, high school of the dead, gakkougurashi!, god eater, haikyuu, maiden rose, nerawareta gakuen, pandora hearts, prince of stride, sekaiichi hatsukoi, say 'I love you', tokyo ravens, yami no matsuei, yowamushi pedal, zetsuen no tempest, amagi brilliant park, bungou stray dogs, cheating craft, trickster, dance in the vampire bund, code breaker, deadman wonderland, endride, hamatora, re:hamatora, hyouka, k project series, karin, kekkai sensen, kiznaiver, koutetsujou no kabaneri, makai ouji, rokka no yuusha, tegami bachi, twin star exorcist, tokyo esp, mekakucity actors hope this gives you some new ideas I use the pocket myanimelist app to keep track of everything
thanks for the recomendations🤗(although some i have already seen😂)
also you should watch Jojos bizarre
I would recommend the irregular at magic high school
also I think it's called six petals or brave. synopsis- chosen warriors enter a cursed land to kill a demon and end up fighting each other to the death in a temple
Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon
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