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just whhhhyyyyyyyuuuuu
so not that long ago I received hate messages on my instagram because of pictures I put up of this manly deer i hated reading those comments and it still hurts to think of them so me being me I checked Lulu's instagram and lo and behold I saw more so then I checked the other two that left exo (JUST TO BE CLEAR I SUPPORT ALL MEMBERS OF EXO PAST AND PRESENT THIS PROBABLY THE ONLY TIME I'LL SAY IT!!) sorry if that came off as rude but that really made me mad, but any who back on topic. Now Z.tao, Kris and LuHan will always hold a place in my kpop loving heart and I loathe to see them being hated on for doing something that ultimately bettered their futures, but that's just my opinion any who RANT OVER ENJOY THE PICTURESSSS
sadly I could not find my Tao pictures BUT I WILL BE SURE TO DO A FULL ON SPAM FOR EACH ONE
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Where did you find the kris gifs??
i think i got them from here