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China's Politicians Are Way Richer Than Ours
The 50 richest members of America's Congress are worth $1.6 billion in all. In China, the wealthiest 50 delegates to the National People's Congress, the rubber-stamp parliament, control $94.7 billion. Darrell Issa, a Republican from California, is the richest man in Congress, with $355m. China's richest delegate is Zong Qinghou, boss of Hangzhou Wahaha Group, a drinks-maker, whose wealth is almost $19 billion (including assets distributed to family).
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one of the cooler things i've seen in a while
4 years ago·Reply
yeah i was really shocked
4 years ago·Reply
Not surprised... every politician there probably gets kickbacks... I know i would if I worked in china
4 years ago·Reply
yeah but still the disparity is unbelievable
4 years ago·Reply
i agree, its only getting bigger too
4 years ago·Reply