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Hello peeps~ I am back again with chapter 4. How is everyone? Good I hope. I feel like I'm slacking on my writing again. There's lots of stories, well not lots maybe like theee, that I haven't updated yet. But I will get to them. So I hope you like this one~

So Enjoy!

-Jin's POV- I sat in front of Minhee as we talked about anything, I hate to have to lie to her about who I really am, maybe I should tell her, I really wanted to tell her the real reason why I was in L.A.


"Jin hyung, your going to the states." Hoseok said in our meeting. It's been about a week since when we blew up one of EXOs safe houses. It was unfortunate that the other two were there. But we did what had to be done. "Why me? Why not send Namjoon?" I replied feeling irritated. "Baecause, we had word that one of EXOs members left to the states, it's their sharpshooter" Hoseok said. "So you want me to go to L.A. And what kill him?" Inasked. "Yes." He replied. "Fine." I simply shrugged. How hard was it trying to find this guy.

*back to present*

I felt my phone go off, I looked at it and back to Minhee. I sighed "Hello?" As I answered. "Hey where are you?" Yoongi asked "I'm out." I replied holding Minhees hand. I heard people arguing. "Hey it's Hope I need you back right now." Hoseok spoke, by his tone I knew it was serious. "we caught an EXO member around the warehouse at 5th." He said. "Okay Hobie." I said. "Get back fast got it?" He said. "Yes Hobie. Yes I'll make me way back." I replied and hung up. "Everything okay? Do you have to go JinJin?" Minhee asked, I nodded. We both got up and walked out the front, I grabbed her hand, it felt nice. "It was good seeing you, I missed you." She said to me, I smiled and leaned down to kiss her cheek. "I missed you too Jagiya." I said to her as I walked her to her car, "is this really your car?" She nodded "My pride and joy." She replied, I laughed at her. I leaned down to capture her lips. I smiled at her and walked alway. I wonder which EXO member we caught. -Baekhyun POV- I opened my eyes, I felt like I couldn't breathe, I tried moving my hands, but no luck. "Shit" I thought. I tried looking around to see where I was. I tried to remember what happened. I left the house to scope out on of Bangtans warehouses for Minseok. When I was driving to the location, I happened to drive by a cafe to see Bom there, and also seen one of Bangtans cars there, but I didn't want to get involve at the moment, I know she's been gone so they wouldn't have know who she was. As I got to the warehouse, I snuck in through the back door. Looked around and seen what Bangtan was stashing here. After getting all the pictures done, i snuck back out, I texted Kyungsoo to let him know that I was heading back, when I heard gunfire, I quickly ran to my car to get my guns and shot back. I quickly called Kyungsoo through my earphones. "Kyungsoo, I don't think I can hold them off." I yelled. "Shit, I'll get there fast with Sehun." He replied yelling to Sehun "stay on the line with me hyung" he said "Hurry!" I yelled back. Trying to fire back at who was shooting at me, then I felt something hit the back of my head. I fell all I can hear was someone saying "it's an EXO member" It was a fuzzy moment. But one I remembered I twist and turned my wrist to try and get free. Then I heard the voices outside the door. I seen it creak open and seen his face. He walked in with two of his members as he grinned. "Well if it isn't Byun Baekhyun... EXOs bond expert... now, let's see, where did you say you seen him Kook?" He said. Jungkook smirked, "he was sneaking around the warehouse off 5th street." He replied back. "Now, why are you sneaking around the warehouses?" One of his other members came in. I looked at him, he looks oddly familiar but could place my finger on it. I sat there it saying anything, then I felt a sharp pain to the side of my face. I looked up to see his face. "Are you going to tell us?" I spat blood on the floor, I still said nothing. Foolish I know but, I can't give the reason why I was here. Another hit to my stomach I grunted and and it. "Well look at that Jimin, he mange to get his hands free." I looked to see who was talking, until another hit on my face. "Baekhyun... we have a proposition." Hoseok spoke, kneeling down. I looked up at him. "What kind of proposition?
Well.. what do you think the offer is going to be?How about when Baekhyun thinks he know Jimin? The answer to these questions will be .............. In the next chapter. Heehee~ My Kpop Fam: @EmilyPeacock <----- My Luhan @BBxGD @evieevelyn @RochelleRose @BiasKpop ------------- @CallMeMsDragon @everiemisfit @stephany123 @TracyLynnn @jyesung72 @makidabebe @VeronicaArtino @lopleaf19 @Babydollbre @chenisbaekasy @KeraDeletorre @ImHayley

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this is amazing I hope his proposition is not to be a spy for them of exo or kill minhee
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Maybe.. you'll have to wait and see ^^