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I came across something that I think everyone should be aware of. It involves Jungkook and the BTS fandom that really breaks my heart to read...
It's amazing how one opinion can lead to a member to consider quitting. Guys, please stop hating on these guys. Yes, I am 100% aware that Kook has lived up to his Golden Maknae title for quite some time now, but all the negativity has caused him to become insecure about his role in the group. And to suggest leaving?? Please show Kook and BTS love. Please. The group will never be the same without him. I encourage you all to respect Jungkook as an idol and as a person. To Jungkook: Stay strong. Among all the haters, there are millions more who love you all the same. Please remember that♡
@BabydollBre @gaya054 @KittenFear @luna1171 @KaiLuhan4ever @SimplyAwkward @heidichiesa @SugaKookieV @cherriblossom17 @heidichiesa @KpopGaby @sarahdarwish @amberg171997 @KaiLuhan4ever @PolarStarr sorry, i didn't know this was fake. i didn't know the info was falsified. but i really do encourage you guys to spread positivity among the fandom.
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It's okay. I didn't know either. I found the message quite suspicious but I still felt bad because it might be true. He could be feeling that way but isn't expressing it.
I do not know if it fake or not....all I can say is that international fans like us are very different from their domestic fans in Korea or Asia..I am tired of this antis, fans wars and even in their own fandoms..they need to grow up seriuously.
Its okay dont feel too bad, even though this is fake there are actually people who want to drag groups down. But like you said, lets be positive! @minimanim3
it's still very upsetting that someone would post this even though it's fake
It is...people really have no shame
Even though this is fake there are many sides of Kookie that we dont know of or have not seen and I know for sure this would not be one of his sides
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