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Hello beautiful ARMY's ! ♡♡ Violet here!! Every Sunday im going to be in charge of posting Jimin Cards!♡ For this week we have been introducing the members so...

..without further ado, Lets meet BTS' amazingly talented and handsome Park Jimin! ♡

Basic info:

Full Name: Park Ji Min Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer Birthday: October 13, 1995 (21 years old) Zodiac sign: Libra Height: 175 cm (5’9″) (Apparently Jimin’s real height is 173.6cm. He said it with Jin in their video in V live app form Dec.) Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs) Blood Type: A Hometown: Busan Family: Dad, mom, younger brother Hobbies: Relaxing whenever he gets a chance

Jimin is such an amazing singer and extremely talented dancer!

Get To Know A Little More About Jimin:

♡ His favorite number is the number 3 ♡ His favorite colors are blue and black. ♡ His favorite foods are pork, duck, chicken, fruit, and kimchi jjigae. ♡ He prefers sunny and cool weather. ♡ He jokingly hits his fellow members as a way of showing his affection for them ♡ If music is playing he will start to dance no matter where he is. ♡ His role model is Taeyang of BIGBANG. ♡ Jimin’s ideal type is a nice and cute girl who is smaller than him.

Jimin Fun Facts You May Not Have Known:

When Jimin was a little kid, he was injured by running into a toilet, and got 8 stitches! As a result his right eye is a bit more swollen than the left. His favorite super hero is Hulk. His parents own a cafe in Busan filled with pictures of BTS. (They love meeting BTS fans!) If Jimin could steal traits from his members it would be Rap Mon's height, V's gaze, J-hope's cleanliness and Suga's diverse knowledge. Jimin's idea of the perfect love story would be one where he only loves one person for a lifetime. Even though Jimin is from Busan, he has only been to the beach there twice. He thinks of himself as a "cute man". Jimin is affraid of butterflies due to a past childhood experience. Jimin wants 3 sons.

..And that wraps up this weeks card ! I could go on FOREVER but i have to cut it here. lol i hope you guys enjoyed it and learned something new about our Jiminnie! See you all next Sunday with more Jimin goodness! ♡♡♡

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I thought that I was the only one who is afraid of butterflies
aww poor kid. even the toilet shows no mercy😂😂
Damn you bias wrecker. Stay in your lane Park Jimin
Jimin you cute Lil rice cake!!。^‿^。
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