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Hello everyone!
Today starts our first themed week here in the K-Drama community and we are covering our favorite High School Dramas!
For me, I have to go with the first drama I ever watched - and one of my personal all time favorites- Boys Over Flowers!
The Plot:
Hardworking Geum Jan-di attends the exclusive Shinhwa High School through a scholarship she obtains. She finds her shallow, privileged classmates unbearable, especially the notorious F4, consisting of four rich and handsome men: the arrogant Gu Jun-pyo, the quiet Yoon Ji-hoo, the charming So Yi-jung, and the flirtatious Song Woo-bin, the F4 is considered to be the Kings of the school and no one dared to challenge them.
However, after witnessing her friend being bullied, Jan-di told off F4's leader Gu Jun-pyo, thus becoming entangled with him. Through their interactions, the proud and persistent Jun Pyo falls for feisty Jan Di, but instead she shares a connection with the quiet and sensitive Ji Hoo. Through Jan Di's encouragement, Ji Hoo goes abroad to join his model girlfriend Min Seo-hyun, and in his absence, Jan Di and Jun Pyo grow closer. Jun Pyo and Jan Di slowly begin to fall in love.
Soon Jan Di realizes that it is Jun Pyo that she truly loves and not Ji Hoo. But numerous difficulties arise, threatening their relationship. Jun Pyo's mother, a cruel and selfish businesswoman, who is also the President of Shinhwa group, disapproves of Jan Di's lowly upbringing and tries her best to split them up. A newly single Ji Hoo also returns to Korea, prepared to declare his feelings for Jan Di. Many obstacles stand in their relationship, but there is also true love blossoming between these two young hearts. Will their love survive?
When it comes to drama soundtracks, I've been known to download the main song off the album or the occasional instrumental here and there but this soundtrack...I've downloaded entire albums! Yeah, albums. They released 3 different albums for this drama!
Here are some of my favorites:
T-Max - Paradise
The main theme song for the show and a guilty pleasure song. You can't help but start singing it randomly through the day!
SHINee - Stand By Me
Another one of those catchy, infectious songs that will be stuck in your head all day long.
SS501 - Because I'm Stupid
I can't remember ever hearing this one while watching to drama but it has become one of my favorite tracks off the first album.
Lee Min Ho - My Everything
This song...THIS SONG...I love me some Lee Min Ho so the fact that he has a song on the F4 Special Edition album just makes me world just a little brighter.
- Dream High and Dream High 2 - Heirs - To The Beautiful You - Answer Me 1997
On My To Watch List:
- Playful Kiss - Shut Up Flower Boy Band - High School Love-On
Did you see any of your favorites on the list? Which ones would you recommend? Let me know below or make a card of your own about your favorite high school drama!
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boys over flower brought me and my sister together !!!!
I watched the Japanese version before the Korean.
shut up flower boy band yes....playful kiss is another yes ..... this was a good drama though I always rooted for her soul mate.
Me too! I really wanted them to end up together in the end.
I love this drama! It's so good!