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Hello!! I am sorry I haven't been writing I have been busy. Well I am back and let's see who hit Jackson. Are you Ready? **Warning: This scene have boyxboy**
Yugyeom POV: I came behind Jackson as he looked at Bambam face. I took my metal bat and him in the back of his head. I watch as he fell to the ground. He looked up at me and I smiled. "Hahaha it's okay Jackson your going to go see somebody special very soon." I said as I stomp on his face. "Look Bambam your getting out of control with these killings." He looked at me as he lick the blood from his hand. "Yugyeom how long have we been killing? 1000 years now?" He said picking up Jackson as if he was light as a feather. He snap his fingers and a portal appear. He walk right throw it. "This is why you don't work with witches." I snap my fingers and left to were Mark was. He was at a church "Hello Markie!" He turned around and looked at me. He started to move backwards. "Don't worry I won't tell Jackson were his girlfriend is but I have something for you." I pulled out a small bottle of black elixir. I handed it to him. He didn't hesitate to drink it all. As he looked at me wondering if it's was going to work. I took out my Nine minimeter and shot him in his chest. "Don't worry Mark you have to die if want that elixir to work." He fell to his knees as the blood coming out the gunshot wounds. I walked away as he bleeds to death. "Now let's go find Jinyoung so Mark can have something to eat when he wakes up." I said to myself.
Jackson POV: I woke up to the sound of water dripping down. My head was pounding and I realize my face was covered. I try to see where I was but couldn't. I struggle to move but found out that I was tied up. "Hey!! Somebody help me!!" I yelled hoping somebody can here me. "Ja.. jac.. jack.. Jackson is.. is that you?" I heard a familiar voice in the distance. "Youn.. Young Jae?" I could hear him crying. "Jackson I'm scared, I don't know what to do." He was sobbed so hard. I can hear the fear in his voice. "OKay Young Jae calm down and tell me how you are here?" He cries started to calm down as he heard my voice. "Mar... Mark brought me here and I don't know Why." "Mark brought Young Jae here?" To myself. I was shock when Young Jae said Mark brought him. Why would my best befriend kidnap Young Jae? What is going on? I heard a door open and heard some foot steps as they got closer. The foot steps stop in front of me. Somebody took off my blind fold. I blinked a couple times to see the face who took off my blind fold and I was shock. "Shock to see me?" Mark said.
Mark POV: 4 days ago: I felt the bullet went in and out my back. I watch he had the gun pointed at me. "Don't worry Markie you have to die if you want that to work." He said walking away. I saw blood coming out of my wound. I could feel the blood filling my lungs as I gasp for air. I watch as the world turned dark. The last thing I heard was feet step in the distance. 3 Days Later: I was still laying on the ground were Yugyeom left me. I open my eyes but could barely see. It was all a blur but I heard a voice. Jinyoung! I heard as I lay there. I wonder why he is here? Then I heard Yugyeom voice. I wanted to scream and tell Jinyoung don't come but my body was asleep. "I don't know what happen to him but I found him like this and I wanted to go and get you." Heard Yugyeom tell Jinyoung. "OMG what happen to Mark?! Who would shoot him?! Yugyeom call 119!" I Heard the fear and worry in Jinyoung Voice. But I couldn't tell him that I was okay. As I lay there my body began to feel a type of way. My stomach started to hurt as if I beat the hell up. my throat was so dry I could die. I felt my teeth as i felt two sharp teeth. I licked around it and was in shock. "I have fangs!" Jinyoung got closer to me and he kneel down next to me. My nose was smelling him and my stomach began to hurt even more. "Mark can you hear me? Wake up wake up!" He said shaking me. I wanted to move for him but I couldn't. But something else I wanted to do to him. I wanted to rip his throat off and just drain all his blood. He turned me on my back and check my bullet wound. Then he put his face right next to me. I open my eyes and I saw his neck. I tried to look away but I couldn't fight the way he smelled. He lower his neck closer to my face. i saw the blood moving in his veins. I couldn't help it I had to or I would die thinking about his blood. I grabbed Jinyoung and let my fangs pierce his skin as he started to bleed. The taste of his blood took me to a whole new world and I jammed my fangs in to his neck as he screamed. He scream and tried to get a way from me but I was too strong. I kept drinking and drinking until he body became limp. I heard his heart beat stop. His lifeless body laying on top of me. I push his body to the side and I stood up. Yugyeom smiled at me. "Well Markie my elixir works. You are now a Vampire." He said so excited. I couldn't believe he turned me into a vampire. "I thought this was for to make Jackson to love me not turned me into this MONSTER!!" He smiled at me and shook his head. "Now you can make Jackson yours for ever and kill that bitch that took him away from you." He said. I looked at him and I felt the angry built in me. I wanted to kill Y/N for taking my love away. I smiled with Jinyoung blood on my face.
present day: I walked in to the room where Jackson was. I looked at Young Jae as he was all dirty and I smiled. I went to Jackson and took off his blind fold. He blinked a couple of times but when he saw my face he was shock. "Shock to see me?" He couldn't even talk, he just looked at me. "How.. How.. did you- What are you doing here?" He asked. I just smiled at him. God he looks even more beautiful shocked. "Well I'm here to have you of course. But only after that bitch you call wifey is dead." Again he was shock. and again he was so hot. "Don't touch Y/N Mark! And why you want to hurt her?!" I grabbed his hair and lift up his head and kiss him so deeply and passionately. "So this is Jackson mouth." I stop kissing him and looked at him. "WHAT THE HELL!!" He said I can see the confusion and anger in him. "Jackson I love you and I only want to be with you. But with that bitch of a girl how can I." I wanted him right then and there. I couldn't take any more. I took out the elixir that Yugyeom gave me and pour it down his mouth. "How do you feel Jackson?" I looked at him as the elixir got to him. "Why does my body feel hot?" I smiled then I know it work. I ripped his shirt and ripped off his pants. "I been wanted to do this since the day I first saw you." I looked at his member and saw it was standing up. It didn't take me long to get my clothes off. I kissed him again but this time he kiss me back. I took his member and I sat down on it. I sat all the way down on his member. "Jackson I love you." I said softly. I wrapped my arms around him and moved up and down. His body began to move with my rhyme. I lift my head back and I moan out loud. I wanted evey body in the world to know that I'm making love to the man I love. I could feel he was close and so was I. I started to move my hips faster and faster. As we both release, I bit in to his neck and drain him. When he was close to death I cut my wrist and let the blood go in to his mouth. I watch as he drank my blood. "Now Jackson we will be together for ever."
R.I.P Jinyoung character ( Again this is not real he is living and breathing okay.)
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