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There is a post floating around the Internet that is a fake....The post supposedly is Jungkook but it is not.
This doesn't sound like Jungkook to me anyways so here are a few links for info on the fakeness of it all. Link 1 Link 2 But even though this is fake ladies and gentlemen I think this is the perfect time to spam the crap out of them on Twitter with positive comments for each member. Even if this was fake we need to make sure our guys know that they have more love than hate. I have started commenting on there twitter positive things. As much as I can to cover up all the tags that are negative. We know that Hobi has read things the group is tagged in, they all do look at there twitter. But they are freaking humans and if you think they aren't hurting....well they are they just don't show if they are hurting or not. So here I go starting right here right now positive comments about each dude.
Jungkook aka Kookie (Jeon Jeongguk) Title of Golden Maknae and My Ultimate Bias He has an Amazing voice and can rap too. He is an amazing dancer. He has the cutest laugh His smile The way he really cares for his members (Even if he picks on them) *He's been getting hate about his face and several other things listed in previous picture*
Jimin aka Chim Chim (Park Jimin) Title of 95liner and my Bias wrecker. He is too precious. I love his laugh and smile How he worries about his members and takes care of them all. Those high notes he hits I need him do do some covers so I get my fix of just him singing :) *He thinks people only like him for his wtf! that's just an added bonus to me.*
V aka Taetae (Kim Taehyung) Title of 95liner aka My Bias Wrecker #2 Amazing deep voice He has all these cute little moles on him that he has made an elephant out of one. He is very positive Even when his grandma past he was trying to be strong so armies wouldn't worry He has one of the cutest smiles ever and his laugh. Great Actor *Been getting hate on his acting *
Suga aka Genius Suga or Min Suga (Min Yoongi) Title of grandpa aka My Bias Wrecker Wrecker but has been pushed back to spot of Bias Wrecker #3 Amazing rapper!!! His gummy smile His adorable laugh He has produced and composed and written so many songs for bts and himself. *Has gotten hate for several of now haven't heard anything recent*
Jin aka Pink princess (Kim Seokjin) Title of Eomma aka My Bias Wrecker #4 He is very confident in how good he looks. I mean his face is so perfect guys fall for him His laugh His smile How he takes care of all the guys Amazing cook Has an Amazing voice (Made me cry listening to his solo) *Jin has been an underrated member since his hair die to blonde he has finally started getting more recognition. Was going to stop doing EatJin on the vapp because people didn't watch*
Jhope aka Hobi (Jung Hoseok) Title of Our Angel, Our Hope , Our Sunshine and My Bias Wrecker #5. He is always positive He is the Happy Virus His smile His laugh He literally is a ball of sunshine Has produce, composed and written lyrics for bts and himself. *Again an underrated member. Would always bring guests on to Hope on the street because views were low when he was by himself.*
Rap Monster aka Joonie (Kim Namjoon) Title of Leader and God of Destruction and My Bias Wrecker #6. His smile Those dimples He is super smart. He has produced, and composed and made lyrics for Bts and himself He has mad skills at rapping His Laugh *He is another underrated member, has had his life threatened and he has had alot on his plate being the leader of BTS things that we don't all see He has been more active on Vapp which makes me happy*
BTS- Bangtan Boys- 방탄소년단 Let's face it they all have killer smiles and laughs that are contagious they all have issues they are dealing with and us army's can help them feel better and try to show them how much all of them mean to us. If one wasn't in the group it wouldn't be the BTS we know and love. Also BTS love Army's so much, they have said it numerous times that with out us they wouldn't be where they are at today. Well that's my nice long post. What do you all lime about each member?
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I don't understand how people can hate these boys so much, they do so much for Armies. They put so much work into everything they do, you can tell they truly love to make music. It breaks my heart seeing what some people do, why hurt someone who's never done anything wrong to you.
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Haha your welcome. 😊
This card is beautiful ♡♡♡
thank you
more love less hate.
Yes!!! i love bts... Even their flaws.. They r just a human being.. Normal peoplE turned to be idol... They show us who they really are!!!! they are not FAKE!!!!
I just don't understand how people can hate him
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