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Okay soooo, I decided to re do all of my stories for this series. also I have went and re edit most of them, if not all of it ^^

so Ill see you guys in the next part.

Summary: Cheating and an Unborn child... will there be a plot twist.

Main:JHope X OC

Other Stories-

"How does that look?" I asked the boy in front of me. He smiled and hugged me.

"It looks good omma, now I look like Uncle Jin" He exclaimed and ran to get his bag for school. I watched as he ran in and out of his room, I cant believe hes going to be six tomorrow. "Are you still picking me up from school later omma?" He asked giving me one last hug.

"Yes I am, Uncle Seokjin should be home by then" I said smiling. He nodded and went out the door. I started cleaning up the kitchen more, and settled down in the living room, I was watching T.V when the front door opened.

"Hey Y/N are you home?" I heard a familiar voice say.

"Living Room" I simply replied. I got up when he came into the room. "Hey Namjoon." I said hugging him.

"Where's the munchkin?" He asked I looked at him and laughed.

"At school." I replied and sat down. He laughed and nodded and sat on the loveseat. We were talking and catching up from the week when my cell rang from the kitchen. I looked at Namjoon and he smiled as I got up. I looked at the number and kinda debated if I should answer. But I did,

"Um, hello, is this Kim Y/N?" He asked
"Yes it is… may I ask whose calling?"
"Its… uh me.. Hoseok" he said.

Namjoon walked into the kitchen with Seokjin behind him. When all I could remember was what he did 6 years ago.


How can you do this to me Hobie?
I'm… in sorry jagi… ugh I cant even give you a reason or explain how sorry I am.
Forget it Hobie, were done…

*end flashback*

"Y/N? I heard him say over the phone. I looked up to my brother and Namjoon.

"Oh, sorry… um what do you want Hoseok?" I asked Seokjin looked at me with wide eyes.

"Oh, its been what six years?' He chuckled.

"It has… well there must be a reason you called Hobie?" I said.

"Oh yea, I wanted to know if you want to meet up?" He asked.

"Um, yea sure. Tomorrow okay? Ill get the guys together." I said.

"Great, um Ill see you tomorrow." He said, we said bye and hung up.

"I am going to kill Yonngi." I said putting my phone down. But looked up to see my brother, I walked around the table and hugged him. "I'm glad your home, at least you guys got tomorrow off from you schedules." I said smiling.

"Of course its my nephew's sixth birthday we wouldn't miss is." He replied and smiled.

"Yoongi was right you know, you should've just told him." Namjoon said. I shrugged, and looked up to the clock, remembering that Wren had a half day today.

"I'm going to pick Wren up." I said getting up, I went to grab my keys and shoes and went out of the apartment. Hes going to see Wren tomorrow... what can I do?


"Shit..." I looked at the pregnancy strip and seen the two pink lines, what am I to do? I need to finish school, I don't have a job... what will Hobie say?

Its been about a month and a half when Hoseok came over. I haven't spoken to him since then, but it was normal thing, we were busy with classes. He always wanted kids maybe hell be happy. We have been dating for four years now.
Nervous I walked out of the doctors with a little picture of our little peanut. I'm two months along. Seokjin wanted to go with me but had exams. Since its only me and my brother, he was happy to become an uncle. I smiled when I looked at the picture again.
"Hobie is going to be so happy." I said to myself as I walked up to his apartment.

When I got to the door, I unlocked it with my spare key Him and our friend Jimin gave me. I walked in smiling,

"Jagiya, I have so good-" I cut myself off when I seen Hobie on the couch... with another girl straddling his lap. I dropped my keys on the floor.

"Y/N! I can explain." He said pushing the girl off Him. I looked at him, a good look, I shook my head as I slowly felt my world crumble at the sight.

"How can you do this to me Hobie?! I loved you, I cared about you!" I said to him.

"Y/N, I'm sorry, please I just... ugh I cant even explain how sorry I am." He said falling to his knees holding onto me.

"I'm done Hobie..." I said backing up, he nodded and looked at me.

"I'll wait for you Y/N, I love you and only you." I was trying not to cry and run into his arms when he said this, i knew, that this was way to good to be true, so I turned to look at him.
"I hate you." I replied as coldly as I could before I could walk out of his apartment.


From that day onward I never told him that I was carrying his child. I made Seokjin and the other not to say anything, after they all got in at BigHi, they ended up debuting together, I'm very proud of them, but with Hoseok I guess he'll find out Wren is his son tomorrow, and that was what scared me the most.
"omma!" I looked up to see Wren running towards me, smiling. That's the only thing that kills me, Wren, he looks so much like him, he has his smile and his personality.

"Is uncle Seokin at home?" He asked. I smiled

"Oh of course munchkin, so is Uncle Joonie and Chimchim." I said as his smile went really huge.

As we were driving home, he was telling me about his day, and how he's excited for tomorrow, while he was talking BTS started playing on the radio and Wren started bobbing his head and singing along, he loved his Uncle Jin and the rest of the boys, but there was one member i haven't met, Seokjin always said that he didn't feel comfortable yet, It was okay though, I'm sure it's because of all of us knowing each other.

When we pulled up I noticed that Yoongi showed up, I smiled as I got out of the car, I walked to the other side to help Wren. He smiled at me and grabbed my hand.
"Omma, is Uncle Yoongi here? That's his car right?" He asked I nodded as we walked by, but before we got to the door I heard a door slam shut and an all to familiar voice that followed that made my heart drop.


I turned around to see Hoseok standing there with his big smile, I felt my heart melting all over again, but then I quickly realized that Wren was still here.

"honey go upstairs Uncle Seokjin is in the house." I said, He looked at Hobie and smiled and walked up to him. I looked scared and didn't want them to meet just yet.

"Hello, I'm Wren, are you one of my mom's friends?" He asked. Hoseok just smiled and kneeled down.

"Hello, yes I am one of your moms friends. My name is Hoseok" He replied. Wren looked at me and smiled.

"Omma, can he come to my birthday with Uncle Yoongi?" He asked. Then looked to Hoseok again "Tomorrow is my birthday, will you come with Uncle Yoongi?" He asked him. Hoseok smiled and nodded.

"Honey, go on inside I'll talk to him about okay." I said, he said okay and hugged me and ran inside. I looked back to Hoseok, as my smile went away a little.

"You're doing good yourself, he seems like a good kid." He said. I nodded "I guess you never stopped talking to Jimin and Yoongi is one of them..." he stopped himself as he looked kinda angry.

"What are you asking? That one of them is the father?" I asked looked at him angrily "are you really that dumb to not notice?" I said again, making him to look up at me. "Hoseok, Wren is five years old..." I said trying to make do the math, but he only looked confused. "Christ Hobie, he's your son." I said finally, looked at me shocked.

"Wh-what?" He said looking up to the building and back at me. "But... we.. I..." he said again. I shook my head.

"That day... I caught you cheating on me... I was already a month along, I went to your apartment to tell you..." I said looking down from him. Not knowing what else to say I just turned around to go inside.

"Wait Y/N." He said grabbing my wrist. And pulling me into his arms. "I told you that I wouldn't stop loving you, and I haven't. I wish I knew this all sooner, I wish you told me the moment you found out." He said hugging me hard. "Y/N, you've been all alone raising him, I should've been there, I wonder why Seokjin hyung never told me sooner. Or at least mentioned it to me during our practices" He said I looked at him.

"What do you mean during practices?" I asked him.

"Didn't he tell you? I'm in BTS with him." He said again. I shook head, at that moment Yoongi came out.

"Uh.... Hey Y/N." He said I let go of Hoseok and looked at him.

"He was in your group this whole time? And you didn't even bother to tell me?" I said to him. He looked down. "We're best friends!" I yelled.

"I'm sorry Seokjin hyung told us not to tell you." He replied. "We have to go, but I'll see you tomorrow." He said again trying to get Hoseok back in the car.

"I'll text you Y/N." Hobie said getting Yoongi's car. I nodded and watched them drive away.
As I was walking up the steps to our apartment, all I can think was why Jin never told me... then I realized that JHope was my Hobie. The one person I loved and cared about the most, the father of my son. I sighed when I walked in. Wren ran into me with Namjoon on his tail. He stopped and smiled at me.

"I heard you seen Hoseok downstairs..." he said trailing off. I nodded "I'm sorry noona" he replied I just nodded as they walked off.

"Oppa?" I yelled seeing Seokjin walk out from the kitchen. He looked at me as guilt washed over his face. "Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell him?" I said to him. Seokjin sighed and sat down at the bar part in the kitchen.

"I thought you wouldn't have wanted to see him at the time, besides he only asked about you once, but after that he never bothered." He said taking my hands into his.

"Oppa, I appreciate it, but he's missed the first five years of Wren's life. Even if I wouldn't taken him back right away, at least he would have known." I said to him. I felt tears ready to escape. As he got up and hugged me.

"I'm sorry little sister, at least he'll be here tomorrow, and so is Jimin." He said smiling. I looked up at him ans smiled a little.

"What about Kookie? He is Wren's best friend" I said laughing. He shook his head.

"He isn't, but He apologizes for not coming, he wanted to spend the day with his parents." He replied I nodded and smiled. We walked into the living room and realized we didn't have anything out for dinner.
Wren wanted pizza so Namjoon and Jin went out to get pizza and some other things as me and Wren snuggled up on the couch. He looked up at me and smiled,

"Omma, is Hoseok-ssi coming tomorrow?" He asked. I looked at him and nodded. "is he my appa?" He asked, the sudden question made my heart drop, I looked at him but only smiled. "Omma?" He said again.

"Yes honey, he is your appa." I said to him, he smiled and cheered. This kid is really Hoseok's I thought to myself.

"Why didn't he come here before?" He asked, I looked him again

"Well it was a hard time between your omma and appa, so omma left for a little while." I tried explaining to him he only nodded and smiled at me, and looked at the TV, as we waited for Seokjin and Joonie to come back.

After we ate and Namjoon left, Wren took a bath and went to bed. I pulled out his presents that I bought for him and wrapped them up, I was having a few drinks with Jin as we were laughing.

"Mom would've loved Wren. I know she would have, her and appa" He said, I nodded and looked up at him.

We had a hard time during high school. We lost our mom and dad in a car wreck. Since Seokjin was old enough he took care of me. We had our ups and downs but both had to stick together, we were all we had. Thinking about it, our mom always talked about when we get older and having kids, she really wanted grandchildren. I happened to meet Hoseok the year after, we became best friends, a year went by and he finally confessed his feelings, it was at our high school graduation. I always knew I loved him, we were best friends, he was my boyfriend, he was and still is so handsome, I knew all the girls in college would try and get to him, but he was proud to call me his, as I was to call him mine. Until that night...

"Y/N?" Jin said breaking me out of my thoughts
"Oppa, better go to bed soon, can't wake up late for our activities." I said to him laughing he smiled and nodded and went into his room.

As I finished up with what I was doing and put everything away. I went into my room and looked at my phone, four missed texts, and all of them from Hoseok.
-Hey, I said I would text you...
-Are you busy? I'll try again later...
-I guess you don't want to talk, I understand.
-does he know I'm his father? Sorry I just really want to talk to you, and catch up on things... also I really meant what I said earlier.
I smiled a little and texted him back.
-sorry I was busy, and yes Wren actually asked me earlier today, and I told him he's really happy, and excited that you're coming tomorrow.
I waited for a reply but nothing so I figured he went to bed, it was pretty late, so I decided to change into pajamas and go to bed. As I laid there I started thinking about the events that'll happen tomorrow, and with Hoseok there, I smiled at the thought and I grabbed my phone again,
-Hobie... what you said earlier... I still love you too.

and with that, i changed into some PJ's and went to sleep.

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