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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten

*Two years later*

You were at the beach in Athens. You'd never been more relaxed before. It had been a while since you last just chilled out. You had paid off your debts to Chanyeol, Jongdae and the rest of GOT7. How they decided to pay 2PM was up to them, if they paid them at all. With all your debts settled, you spent the past year and a half moving around and making investments in different places. You had no contact with SM or JYP and neither Jongdae nor Chanyeol called you. The assumption was probably that you were dead. That or they told the others that since Yifan died you weren't coming back. His money was moved though and since you were the only one with the passcode you assumed they went with death. With the investments you'd been making you made enough money to put back what you had taken from his off shore account. You then took what you were making and put it in a different account. You had three different men working for you at the moment. Haeil was back in Seoul taking care of a business you started there, under your alias Winter Yong. You were never seen as the head of the company but your alias was known as the head of it. Ju-Kyung was in Europe, he had a business to look after in Italy. You gave him the freedom to over see the company and do what was necessary to keep it getting money. He could hire and fire anyone he wanted, he could change anything he wanted as long as he ran it through you. If you weren't okay with it he wasn't allowed to do it. He had complete reign but he didn't have last say. Then you had Wang, he was with you in Athens. You were on a private part of the beach just for yourself. You were spread out on a beach chair and an umbrella was set up to shade you from harsh sunlight. It was hot outside and you told Wang he didn't have to wear his suit because of it yet he stood in the hot sun guarding you without a word. He found that his suit covered his gun well. Despite being relaxed today, you hadn't been sleeping well. Everything had been business, thanks to Yifan you were used to that but you were alone. Sure, Wang was there and he was quite loyal to you but even you knew loyalty only went so far in certain businesses. Still, you didn't have Exo, you didn't have 2PM and you didn't have Yifan. You'd be lying if you said you didn't miss him. He was the reason you were in Athens now. He said he'd bring you here to see it one day. All your memories of Jay were still coming in. It seemed that you two had been together for at least four years before he died. Most of them had come back, after meeting 2pm the memories flooded in and now they were just spread out. Anytime you got a memory of Jay you cried. Anytime you remembered what you did to Yifan you cried. Never in front of anyone, not even Wang. You were never to cry in front of your men. You were dangerous, you still had your ways. You were taught well. You played with the sting on your bikini, and looked out to that bright blue beautiful ocean. You'd gotten revenge, you had plenty of riches but you were still just empty. You wanted Jay with you. Yifan would've liked this place too. It was pretty and calm. He said he liked it, he'd only been here once; he said meant to come back. You took in a deep breath said, "I'm impressed you found me, you must've made a deal with the devil." You turned around to see Junmyeon standing behind you. Wang stood behind you with his gun raised to Junmyeon. You'd seen his reflection in the pole of your umbrella. Junmyeon looked at you almost as if he were in pain. "You killed Yifan for this?" He said. "I think you and I both know the reason why I killed him." You said. He shook his head and you sighed. You stood up and walked up to Wang, "You can put it down." You told him. He looked at you almost questioning if you were sure and you nodded. He put his gun down and you stepped up to Junmyeon. You offered him a seat which he took after you sat down at the small table behind you. "You loved him." He said. You nodded. "I regret to say I still do. I thought it was impossible to love two men and yet some how I love them both, and they're both dead." You said. "Tao too." "Nobody else was meant to get killed, it was just something I said to JB to get him to go along with it. Exo is still strong. Are you their leader now?" You asked. He nodded, you smiled softly. "I'm glad you weren't killed. The others must've found you." "They did, Jongdae explained to me what happened. Luhan was gone by the time I got back. He left, he said there was no point Exo was dead without Yifan and without Tao. Jongin was in bad condition even Kyungsoo." Junmyeon said. "I released the money along time ago. Yifan's off shore account is out of my hands." "Y/n didn't you know he left everything to you anyway?" You made a face, "What do you mean?" "His will states it, we buried him. We went back for his body and we buried him. In his will, he left everything to you, even Exo." You shook your head. "No, he couldn't have. He wouldn't have done that." "Do you believe he really didn't love you?" He asked. "I know he loved me. I loved him too but what he did- not just to me but to everyone. It was either Exo or die with him. What if I had told him my memories returned he would've killed me too wouldn't he have?" "No but he would've made you stay." "I wasn't his." You said. "You were only his. He broke his own rule for you. He fell in love with you, letting you sleep around with the rest of the group he only rationalized as giving you practice in seduction and us getting free of tension. He let it happen to remind himself that he couldn't fall too deep. The day you were taken he lost his mind and ironically the only one that could've calmed him down was you and you were the one behind it." "Junmyeon stop it what's done is done. Yifan is dead I can't take that back. I can't and honestly I've wanted too. I wanted to stop it then but Jay was my husband. He killed him in front of me and the one thing you've taught me is to settle all debts. Make blood pay for blood." "So in turn I should kill you." Junmyeon said. "Then do what you came here to do. Trust me my soul could use the rest." You said. Junmyeon sighed and lunged forward to kiss you. He kissed you hard, both his hands framing your face. He pulled away from you to look you in the eyes. "Honestly all those years I just wanted you to be mine," He sat back down with a heavy sigh, "I couldn't hurt you even if I tried." "That's a shame." You said staring at the table. "Y/n." A soft voice called to you and you looked up. Behind Junmyeon were the members of 2pm. You saw Minjun in front of them. You gave them a blank expression even though Minjun looked sympathetic towards you. "What did SM and JYP form an alliance to kill me?" You gave a humorless laugh. "We're not here to kill you." Taecyeon said. "Oh but I'm sure at least you want to Tae. You never truly liked me anyway, right?" You said. "Y/n, did you know Jay had a metal plate in his skull?" Wooyoung said. "No, so what?" You answered Junho moved forward, "When he was a baby, he had a deformed skull. The doctors put a metal plate into his skull and as he grew they changed out the plate. By the time he was a grown adult twenty-five percent of his skull was that metal plate." He explained. "And your former boyfriend just so happened to shoot him on the side where the plate was." Nichkhun said. You looked at him with furrowed brows and a feeling inside you began to stir. "What are you saying?" you said. "Do you believe ghosts?" Changsung said. Minjun walked up to the table and handed you a picture. You took it in your hands and you felt your heart stop... You were staring at a picture of Jay. He had the sides of his hair shaved down and tattoos almost everywhere. He didn't have tattoos before. He was with two other men in the photo. Your eyes watered up and you looked up at Minjun, "He's alive?" You said. Your hands were shaking as you stared back at him. Minjun sat down and took your hands in his. "We were only able to come back to Jay after it was clear of Exo. We got him back to the emergency room in JYP but the way he was hit he was in a coma for a long time. The doctors think if Yifan had been closer when he shot Jay the bullet would've gone father and killed him but the plate stopped it. They put him in surgery and they were able to save him but for a while he was just hanging out in limbo. Most of us just thought he was as good as dead. The year Yifan was killed, Jay woke up. We don't know what he remembers or if he remembers at all but he left, he just sort of disappeared. Recently he's started showing up and he's started a new group and a new company called AOMG. They've been taking territory from both SM and JYP. They're good." Minjun said. "So that's why you're with them?" You turned to Junmyeon. Junmyeon nodded, "SM boss wants him dead." "You want Jay dead too?" You quickly looked to Minjun. He shook his head, "We just want to talk to him. We want to know what's going on. In exchange for not killing Jay, we offered to pay SM off but we need you." Minjun said. You shook your head, "No, this isn't real. Jay died I saw him get shot." Minjun shook his head. "If you still love him Y/n then come find him with us. If he doesn't remember, we're hoping you can rejog his memory." Taecyeon said. Jay.... is alive? "Okay." You said. You looked back at Wang, "Get the plane ready." You said to him. He nodded and walked off into the building to make the call. "Where are we headed?" You asked. "Busan." Junmyeon said. You nodded and took a deep breath. Jay's alive....
Child tell me you're going to keep writing it can't leave me like this....😱❀❀😱❀❀
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