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Hello! It's my first writing a fan fiction. I'm not a professional writer. English isn't my first language. Don't be a silent reader. I like to read comments & receive feedback so I can improve this fan fiction. I hope you like it😀
Contains violent, smut, & tragic.
Jungkook x OC.
Readers 18+
Copyright © 2017 By Toniko
All rights reserved. This story and any portion thereof of the story shall not be printed, redistributed, plagiarized, translated or used in any other manner without the author's permission. The events depicted in this piece of the story is purely fictional and of own imagination. Any resemblance to the story to others' work is just pure coincidence.
Cover image ©kassareo
My story didn't have a happy ending. No one rescued me. I was alone. My boyfriend who I thought was a perfect man turned to be a killer. That's right a killer. My boyfriend, Jungkook who killed me. If I can have one chance to come back alive, I would get revenge on him
One day later
There was a pause - a long one. I thought it was a prank call, but right before I can put the phone down, the person on the other end of the line spoke. And what he said was far from what I was expecting.
“She’s dead.”
I made him repeat what he has said, and let him explain what he meant by those words. His voice was shaking as he delivered me the bad, and probably the worst, news. It was obvious that he was trying hard to control his sobs and how distraught he was at that moment. Despite the noise in the background, I was able to understand everything he said, but it just didn’t make sense to me, so I told him to piss off and stop with the nonsense.
“I’m telling you, she’s dead. They found her body.”
“Fuck you, Park Jimin. Enough with the bullshit.”
“Do you really think I can joke about something like this? Do you really think it was easy for me to actually believe that she’s gone, that the person I was just talking to yesterday is now dead?”
Holding on to the phone became difficult as I listened to his words. A tear rolled down my cheek, then another one followed. Hoseok asked me if I was okay, but I just stood there, unable to move. Namjoon took the phone from me and I heard him ask what happened. I wanted to stop him, but I couldn’t. I was too weak to snatch the phone away from him, my hands were trembling. I didn’t want them to know what I just found out, that my first love was found dead while we were there in her house, partying, having fun. Isn’t it hard to accept the fact that you weren’t able to save someone you love, that you were too oblivious to know that something bad will happen?
"Alright. We'll be right there," Namjoon said then he slowly put the phone down. It took him some time to look at us, and when our eyes met, even for a split second, I felt how broken he was. "Listen, we need to meet Jimin."
Jin sat on the couch and reached for the TV's remote. "I'm staying here. I need to-"
"Kim Seokjin," Namjoon's voice almost cracked. "We need to go. Everyone has to."
"Wait. What's happening?" Taehyung asked as he took the remote away from Jin's hand and placed it on the remote beside near him.
"Jimin's waiting, let's just go for now." I managed to get those words out, then walked out of the room. Everyone silently followed, even without any clue of what was happening.
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