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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here! I'm so thankful for the wonderful mod, you know who you are love, for letting me support infinite! I know you guys are probably tired of intros, and trust me I'm tired of writing the same old stuff about me, so I'll try to put new info after my basic intro, but I'm so excited that I get to represent this sunshine! Yes I understand his name is not sunshine, but he is the literal sun that shines (I honestly say this about so many people but I don't care Tbh Sungyeol is the sun.) but anywho let me introduce myself real quick!
Hello my name is Jasmyn and I'm 17. I don't like the way I look nor am I confident in my looks. I have been listening to kpop since 2011 and I have been bullied since 2007 (that's a reason for my self-esteem issues.). There are some things I've done that I'm ashamed of and kpop is my escape from that cruel world. Kpop has helped me with my bottled up emotions and I have even found a friend named Trinity who I've told everything, and she didn't run from me!!! I have very few friends in real life, but the friends I've made on vingle have made up for those unfilled spots. I'm really glad I created a vingle account. My bias groups are Pentagon, Seventeen, and NCT and my Ultimate Bias is Lee DONGHYUCK aka HAECHAN. Animals I have those!!! I'm allergic to cats and ddogs yet I have five cats and two dogs in my room....(I have a total of fifteen cats and seven dogs...and two lizards. Yeah I know that's a lot...) ...enough about me, NOW ITS TIME FOR SUNSHINE!!!!
THIS QUARTER I WILL BE REPRESENTING LEE SUNSHINE. Okay, Lee Sungyeol. This week is just intros so here my Sungyeol sunshine intro.


Stage Name: Sungyeol Birth Name: Lee Seong Yeol Position: Vocalist Nicknames: Choding, Birthday: August 27, 1991 Height: 183 cm Blood Type: B


-He is extremely tall. -His smile and laugh could create world peace. -He is the literal sun that shines in the sky. -His sass is very inspirational. -He may not be the main dancer, but he can dance like a God anyway. -Weekly Idol....all I have to say. He is literally a God on that show like bow down to him. -He's beautiful. Even if you don't think he's beautiful, you think think he's beautiful. -stan talent, stan my sunshine. -Last interesting fact, he's not even my bias but I love him so much. He's honestly amazing and I need him in my life. His existence alone is fricking inspiring. Anyway I hope you guys will join me on sunshine saturdays with Yeollie. And remember: ~Stay Beautiful.

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but you're so pretty!!!!😭😭
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no problem:)
You are so lucky to be supporting that ray of sunshine 😊
you are a wonderful person Jazzy!!! And this is just perfect!
Thank you~ really!
\^0^/ Happy to have you on the team Jazzy!! You look beautiful so don't get down on yourself!
Thank you!
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