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Hello, everyone! It's been quite a while since I've been on here as I usually focus a bit more on the FB page... But anyways! Here's a bit about me!
Stage Name:
Facebook admin/interviewer/promoter
July 12th
Favorite Color:
I don't really have one. I like all colors but of course there are certain shades that I dislike more than others.
Favorite Korean Food/Snack:
Kimchi jjigae, Jajangmyeon, Yukgaejang, Tteokbokki chips, and Pepero. (Tteok and Yakgwa are pretty good too)
Red Panda
UB - Ultimate Bias:
Kim Taehyung
UW - Ultimate Wrecker:
Everyone else
Quick Fact:
I'm multilingual
Weird Fact:
If you touch my neck I will fall to the floor in slow motion.... I don't know why.
What Got You Into Kpop:
I have some friends that take fangirling to the next level. They would always talk about Kpop and all these different groups and idols... I would get so irritated so I disliked Kpop because it was all they ever talked about. But then one day I decided to look at an MV to figure out what was so great about these makeup wearing, Asian, dancing/singing men so I watched my first MV "Replay" by SHINee. At first I was quite a bit skeptical about the whole thing but of course, one MV lead to the next which lead to Kdramas and before I knew it.... I was sucked into the black hole otherwise known as Kpop...
Who Was The First Kpop Group You Listened To:
Who Was Your First UB:
Kim Kibum aka Key... yes the sassy diva
Who Was Your First UW:
Kim Jongin aka Kai
What Was Your First KDrama:
Boys Over Flowers and The Man From Nowhere
Who Is Your Favorite Actor:
All of them. I doubt you can name an actor that I don't like. All of them offer something different and give off different vibes. You can't really compare them all to each other.
If You Could See Someone Live, Who Would It Be And Why:
Sung Si Kyung.... I absolutely LOVE his voice and I like how his voice carries a lot of emotion
What's Your Ringtone? Is It Kpop?
Well, it's always changing but as of right now I have "How Could You Do This to Me" by Ailee... Gotta love that woman
First Kpop Album Purchased:
I'm what you people call broke... I have yet to buy my first album *sigh*
Who Is Your Wallpaper? (Proof Needed)
Why KpopINT?
Well let me tell you, when I first submitted my application I didn't actually expect to be accepted. I was so excited because at that time I didn't have many friends and was kind of awkward. Before I even started here I was doubting myself and thinking about whether I should quit, but I'm so glad I didn't. Through the year we've seem some people come and go, but we have created a bond that no one can compare to. We understand and support each other when we need to be, and kill each other with spam like good friends do. You ask me "Why KpopINT?" My answer, why not?
If You Were Stranded On An Island With A Kpop Group Or Person And One Staff Member, Who Would It Be And Why (For This You Need To Do One For Each Staff Member)
1) Nana - CL. They for real need to do a makeup tutorial together because it would be the best
2) Sailynn - I would say BIG BANG, but I'm leaning a bit towards GOT7 since she's been having some trouble with Youngjae
3) Jojo - GOT7... Mark needs to come smother her in some fluff so she isn't so crazy about choco abs
4) Taemi - BTS because she needs a lil bit of Suga in her everyday tea
5) Sky - BTS. Just because I would love to see them all dork around together
6) Elayne - EXO. I can totally picture her in SM's practice room dancing around
On a scale from KpopBeat to Nana with Sail in the middle, what is your beauty knowledge?
Mmm... Probably KpopBeat... I only know how to apply mascara and lipstick... If I put my hands on anything else I would probably walk around looking like a clown.
On a scale from KpopBeat to Sail with Nana in the middle, how much do you fangirl?
Sail. Without a doubt. This child takes after her Eomma.
On a scale from Nana to KpopBeat with Sail in the middle, how many actors do you know?
I'd probably go with Sail on this one too. I'm not oblivious to new actors/dramas but I wouldn't call myself a pro. I think I know a decent amount of actors/actresses.
Which idol/actor/model would you ship me with?
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hey now! I dont need any fluff im perfectly fine in my choco factory over here
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no fluff needed
Shut up. You are not 5'7 😑😑😑😑😑 Are you? 😱
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I was 5'7 last year I haven't measured myself recently... I might be a lil taller
why am I not in this taglist!