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“You don’t talk a lot do you?”
They were wandering down the street, together but not touching. He thought she was window shopping and she was, sort of. Windows make great mirrors and she was taking advantage by secretly watching him watch her. Noticing each time his head turned in her direction, the look on his face, his body language. At his question she turned towards him.
“Not until I get to know you better, than you won’t shut me up. I’m a really awkward person, sorry.”
He stops, grabs her wrist and pulls her off down a side street. They end up in an uncrowded alley where he sits her down on some stairs.
“Why do you think you’re awkward? Or is there a meaning of the word I don’t know?”
She shrugs, “I don’t think so, awkward is awkward. The only friends I have are my best friend since Kindergarten and my cousins. Most people call me anti-social, I prefer animals over people. Dogs don’t cause drama or question me; they just love me and my weirdness unconditionally.”
“You didn’t seem that way at the photo shoot.”
“Because that’s my job. I make myself like a machine on a shoot; if I need to be professional or on display, just turn me on.”
At the smirk on his face she realizes what just came out of her mouth. “See? Comments like that just come popping out at all the wrong times.”
He lowers his head a little and giggles, then looks up at her and taps her on the forehead.
“I’ve been waiting for that. I knew it was in there, you’ve been holding back on me.” He tilts her chin up with his finger, “I like that quirky, slightly awkward side. I want to see more.”
She tilts her head to the side and scrutinizes him. “We’ll see. But I warn you, with that I can be a real dick. It just happens, it’s who I am, no filter.”
He laughs and pinches her nose, “I know quite a few of those; you’ll fit right in”.
Later that night, she lay in her corner, staring at the ceiling. Thoughts whirl through her head so fast she thinks about pinching herself to make sure it is all real. However, being so fair, she bruises easily and has a photo shoot the next day. She can't wrap her mind around why Jiyong would be interested in her, out of everyone in the world he's met. Granted, its a dream come true but that's why its so hard to fathom.
Apartment rule #1, phones are to be off or on silent if more than one person is home, as they all have different work and sleep schedules.
Not realizing she has her phone wedged between her thighs, she jumps a good foot in the air when it vibrates.
GD: “Did I wake you?”
Jak: “Who is this?”
GD: “Your Lord GDragon. You’ve forgotten me already? I’m hurt.”
Jak: “No. Just testing. You could be a creeper after all. :)"
GD: “Sigh. Thought I’d moved past that. Still?”
Jak: “Idk, maybe. What’s up?”
GD: “Well we both still are. :) I enjoyed lunch today, thank you for agreeing to come with me.”
Jak: “Thanks for buying me food.”
GD: “Ha ha, you’re welcome. Can I do it again sometime?”
Jak: “Maybe. Sometime.”
GD: “That’s better than a no, I’ll take it.”
Jak: “Hm. Anything else?”
GD: “Why I texted? Or what I’ll take? I don’t know if you’re ready to hear the answers to the latter yet.”
Jak: “You’d be surprised at the things I hear.”
GD: “Same.”
Jak: “I have a shoot tomorrow, I should be sleeping.”
GD: “I’ll let you rest then. And Jak?”
Jak: “Yes?”
GD: “Dream of me.”
i think i just died of holding in my fangirl screams at that last part, dream of him, lady killer. he not even the bias and he'd totally say that.. that was perfect.
Ya, like it's an option to not dream about him!