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Something was shaking me. I moved closer to the warm body that was next to me. I opened one eye slightly and saw my mom at the foot of the bed. "Nothing happened." I whispered sitting up and seeing now that Kookie had mad a wall of pillows between us. "I can tell." She whispered back trying not to laugh. I quickly moved out of the bed and out of the room with my mom. We shut the door. "When did he fall asleep?" my mom asked "I'm not sure but he can sleep all he wants today." I walked into my room to get clothes to change into. "Should I make breakfast?" She asked "Let's wait a bit longer he might wake up to the smell I'm not sure." I said walking towards the bathroom. "Ok, I'll wait till you get out of the shower." She walked away humming. I took my shower slower than normal and when I walked out of the bathroom I could smell food. I thought she was going to wait. I stopped into he doorway of the kitchen. There was Jungkook cooking with my mom. I smiled, I couldn't help but think about being married to him some day. "Oh Sarah, I promise I only started cooking a bit ago, he came in and scared me. I thought it was you." "It's fine." I laughed and walked into the kitchen and sat on a chair. "How'd you sleep?" I asked still smiling. "I was ok." "He was worrying all night and finally put a pillow wall between you two around 3am." My mom said laughing "Oh I'm sorry I just didn't want to go to my room." I said feeling bad for what I did to him. "Well he knows my rule, so that was an ok thing." My mom laughed and went back to finishing the food. I watched as the two talked and made the food. . . .... .. . ... . . . . .... "Ok so what do you want to do? I asked "Take him to the beach." My mom suggested. "Yeah I haven't been there for a long time." He said smiling "Ok and after that?" I asked "Food, mall, museum. Do the touristy things." My mom laughed. "What you aren't joining?" I asked "Nope today is a date day for you two." "Oh thank you!" Kookie said with a big smile. "Just don't stay out too late." She said and changed the channel. After a half hour we headed out. We started at the beach there was alot to do so we were there for a while, we ate and did a few more things. We had taken several pictures together and I had taken several of him. The sun was starting to set so we were heading back to the car when I decided to pull him along with me. We went to a pier and were walking on it. "What's up Sarah?" He asked trying to slow me down. "I want to take a picture at the end." He smiled and pulled me closer to him. he placed a kiss on my temple. "I wish I could stay with you like this." He whispered. "Same here, BUT your job is more important than me. So although I want to be selfish you can't stay here." "I could give it up for you." He said "No, don't think about that.....So your English is better than before." I said changing the subject. "I have been practicing." "Good, I was worried about my mom because she doesn't know korean." "I try harder for her so she doesn't have to ask you what I said." He smiled. We finally got to the end of the pier. We quickly posed and took not just 1 photo but several. We left after that and decided wed take food back home. "Mom we are back!" I said as we entered. "I'm going to put this in the kitchen." Kookie said as he walked into the kitchen. I wonder if she's sleeping again. "Sarah" Kookie said causing me to go to the kitchen. "What?" I asked as he held up a note. 'Sarah, I went out to meet a friend I will be back later tonight. Love mom' "Hold on." I quickly called my mom and she answered. "Hello." "Mom where are you? We brought food home." "Oh I'm on my way home now." "Where are you? I'll come pick you up." "I'm fine, I'm just a few blocks away." "Where?" "Honey don't worry, I am fine I am now walking by the old dance studio." "Ok." "Alright I'll be home soon sweetie." And she hung up. "What's up?" She is on her way home she should be here in a few minutes." With that we set up the table with the food and just as we finished throwing the containers away my mom walked in the door. "So who'd you go meet?" I asked "Just a friend from the past. They called me so I went to see them for a few." "So I don't know them?" "Sorry you don't. " She smiled a little then looked behind me. "Are you hungry?" Kookie asked and she nodded and walked into the kitchen and sat down and started eating. I started to wonder what my mom was hiding.
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I keep thinking something will happen to the mother
I need more!!!! What is momma hiding
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