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There are too many favorites on my list so I'm gonna start with 5 and add some honorable mentions at the bottom. (I've ran out of time to give descriptions of the shoes, so I'll leave you the titles. Except for Inuyasha, cuz I had already wrote on that previously...)
I absolutely love this anime and it's literally been on my TV for the last few weeks thanks to my 6 year old. It just doesn't get old, though. So basically, Inuyasha and Kagome have to travel through feudal Japan seeking out the shards of the Sacred Jewel, the Shikon No Tama. Throughout their quest, they've made new friends and companions such as the orphaned fox demon, Shippo, the Lecherous Monk, Miroku, and the Demon Slayer and partner, Sango and Kirara (pronounced Kilala). Also on their adventure, we get to meet the power and handsome older halfbrother of Inuyasha, Sesshomaru. His group consists of him, Jaken, and soon in the series, human orphan Rin (she's such a cutie), and can't forget about Ah-Un, the two headed dragon Rin named. Then of course, I have to mention the devious villain, Naraku, and his incarnations Kagura and Kanna, just to name a few. I could honestly just go on forever listing these beloved characters....
Akatsuki no Yona, also known as Yona of the Dawn.
D.Gray-Man and D.Gray-Man: HALLOW
All of the Fate Series. This includes Carnival Phantasm.
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Yu-Gi-Oh! (1st Generation), Blood+, Fairy Tail, Bleach, and many others. Tagging @AimeBolanos
I... LOVE... YOUR CHOICES!!! I freaken LOVE Psycho Pass it was so damn awesome TuT my ship never came true tho. Thanks for tagging me and doing this!
No problem! Is your ship Kogami and Akane? They are mine!
@Gibbous1992 YESSSSSSSS! God there was just something that made them perfect for each other! TuT my heartπŸ’”
@AimeBolanos Right! Oh my gosh! And when Kogami showed up on the movie!!! My heart!! I squealed!