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I noticed that this CLEARLY FAKE paragraph that was supposedly written by Jungkook of BTS has been floating around. People are taking it as an official statement, when that is CLEARLY. NOT. TRUE.
ANYTHING written by the members is translated to English by MANY BTS fan sites that dedicate themselves to translating ANYTHING BTS related. They also ALWAYS include the original version written in Korean, which isn't provided in this paragraph whatsoever.
Jungkook would absolutely never say something like this, and his fans know that. He would also never openly admit to wanting to leave the group as they are legitimately his family! He still receives TONS of love and support from not only them, but his fans.
And SURE he might be hurt by those saying he didn't "deserve" to be in the front so much, but he's the groups VOCALIST. He's not the FACE, but he's the VOICE along with Jimin who ALSO had a stage! He's GOING to be the obvious focus.
~Okay i'm done with this c: ~
Also, it's alright if you believed the article. I'm sure whoever wrote it had good intentions, but the ultimate outcome isn't good. Just know that it isn't real.
Not only that but you can always tell when something has been translated by the wording of it anyway. This paragraph is too functional and has certain English nuances that wouldn't be there if it were translated from Korean (like the bold letters and other stuff). Idk why ppl bother ;-; -__-
Agreed with you 500% ! Fan pleaae take care of his and all BTS image.BTS idols must take care your own image too if you want people to respect you .
I just hope he doesn't pay attention to this crap. Jeongguk is amazing as an individual and with the group. I wish folks would just leave these idols alone and let them live in peace. Just enjoy the music they make and appreciate their hardwork.