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The episode is up and in Eng sub on Viki if you haven't watch it yet go check it out...like now, hahaha. (Video and Photo are credited to the owners) Well once again Good Doctor gives that warm feeling in your heart, they had a lot of heart-felt scenes which blossom beautifully onto the screen by the actors/actress. I guess today's episode main issue was the fact that Dr. Kim is being quite stubborn about his wound, which in the end of the show it shows how he wasn't able to perform the surgery well. Then there is the second issue that Park's father pass out, which we are not clear of as to why (but I'm assuming it's because of his illness). Third issue poor Dr. Jin Wook it seems like he will never end up with the poor girl (Gosh just let them be together already!). Fourth issue (I'm not sure if this is really an issue, but I thought it was), Dr. Cha seemed very bother on the fact that Dr. Park didn't react the way she wanted him to react when she told him about the blind date; although he did look very sad when she left plus she did out right reject him so you can't blame him! Now I know this is not an issue, but it was so HILARIOUS that I had to mention it, when the chief and the sunbae woke up next to each other NAKED! Hahaha, so funny I couldn't stop choking on my laughter. Luckily they were nice enough to give us a preview on the next episode and it seemed pretty intense for the next episode. Well that was my recap on tonight's episode, if you have any comments leave it below on the comments or if you have any comments about tomorrow's episode feel free to also mention them below. Thank you for reading! Peace. :)