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I am back at writing again and today I am presenting you with a chapter of a fanfic that hasn't been updated in like centuries. So yay for updates!! LOL
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Chapter Six - Yes, soldier?

After getting changed, we headed back onto the road. I glanced over at Jinwoon to see that he had changed his skin color once more and that he was having difficulty with the heavy armor. It looked a little too big for him so the helmet was covering his eyes completely, preventing his vision. It was kind of funny to watch Jinwoon try to lift his helmet to a spot that wouldn't block his vision but it kept on falling back down.
Defeated he just walked towards me and motioned for us to go. We then headed for the entrance to the camp, growing nervous at the sight of the two guards. Taking a deep breath, I calmed my nerves as we reached them, waiting for them to ask a question.
"Name," The one on the left said, looking at me. Flustered, I tried to think of one when I remembered one of the other soldier's names who is originally supposed to be in the camp.
"Ling." I answered, satisfied that I remembered the name. "This guy is Lao." I pointed to Jinwoon behind me as he stumbled forward in his suit, looking absolutely ridiculous. I then leaned closer to the guard, saying something to make us seem believable as regular soldiers who were called to action.
"He had a little too much to drink last night so he might be like that the rest of the day. You know how it gets," The guard snickered at my comment, watching as Jinwoon tripped over his foot again and shoved into me. Jinwoon quietly apologized and the guard went back to the list of names. He easily found both of our names and after clearing us we were granted entrance.
"You both are in the same group. Go get set up in the empty tent to your far left and they will tell you who to report to." I nodded, thanking him as he pointed in the direction and we went on our way. Jinwoon grasped onto my shoulder as we walked, trying to make sure not to lose me. I exhaled, relieved to have gotten through.
"Nice thinking," Jinwoon mumbled, behind me. "How did you know some of the names?"
"They are two characters in the story so I figured that it was worth a shot. Good for us that they hadn't arrived yet." I glanced over at the tents scattered all over the area. Most were taken at this point but after wandering for a bit, we were able to find the one we were appointed to. Most tents were 2 or 3 people and I was really hoping that it would only be us - for obvious reasons. We then went inside and saw that there were two beds already made for us and a note on the ground.
"We are here, you can take off your helmet now," I said. Jinwoon then moved his hand off my shoulder and brought it to his head so he could remove it. After a second he lifted it off easily, sweat embedded in his hair.
"Thank heavens. This is way too big. I am gonna need to make it smaller." And with a snap of his fingers he changed the hat to a smaller size and put it back on his head. It fit perfectly now and he could clearly see in front of him.
"Better." He sighed, satisfied with himself. I the reached for the note to see what group we were in when my eyes widened, completely forgetting who was instructing us. Jinwoon noticed my change.
"What. What is it?" He asked, curious. I gulped remembering how harsh he is. I turned to face Jinwoon, looking a little panicked.
"You know...you might hate me later for using these names." He raised an eyebrow, intrigued by what I said. "Let's just say... you are not going to like who our general is." I sighed, feeling exhaustion hit my shoulders already. Jinwoon grabbed the paper from my hands to look at the name.
"General Li Shang?" He read, staring at the words on the paper. I nodded. "He doesn't sound that-" Before he could finish, a horn went off, echoing throughout the camp. We both went outside the tent to see the other soldiers look as confused as us. The horn then sounded a second time, indicating that it must be something important. Everyone then started to go in the direction of the sound and we followed along.
After a few, we had went to the head of the camp, where the generals were staying and we noticed that what seemed like everyone in the camp had gathered. There were a lot of people, and as I scanned the crowd for Mulan I stopped when someone brushed by me, knocking me into Jinwoon - hard. I glanced over to see that the person was trying to get to the front and I scoffed, thinking that the guy probably thought he didn't deserve to be in the back. I watched him as he moved to the front and my eyes widened when I saw who it was.
"All right," Chi-Fu spoke, bringing all the whispering in the crowd to a halt. "Now that you have all gathered it is time to split into your groups and met your generals." He then pulled out a list of names and started to call out the groups. There were about 10 generals and as each one was called, parts of the crowd started to break off to follow their according leader.
When Li Shang was called, Jinwoon and I went towards his direction. We had gone to an unoccupied corner of the camp with at least 100 others.
Jinwoon and I stood in the front watching as Li Shang walked in front of each row of soldiers, starting from the back, studying each one of us carefully. I glanced over to my right to be surprised by who was standing next to me. I quickly leaned back over to Jinwoon.
"Hey, guess who is beside me," I started. Instead of answering he leaned over and looked at the person for a quick second and then went back to position.
"Is that... her?" He whispered, making sure no one was to hear what we we're saying. I nodded quickly and glanced over at her again. Her frame was small and she was definitely shorter than me. Her cheeks were round and she was biting her bottom lip, appearing nervous as she twiddled with her fingers.
I turned back to tell Jinwoon something again when I stopped. I looked to see that he was in front of us now, staring at me as I froze.
"Yes, soldier?" He asked, bringing the whole attention of the group on me as he waited for my answer. I visibly gulped, my throat suddenly feeling very dry . I looked over his face to see that he was growing impatient with me. I peeked over at Jinwoon to see that he was looking straight ahead, not even trying to help me. Damn you Jinwoon, I cursed in my head.
"I repeat," He spoke louder now, showing how my silence would only make the situation worse. "Did you have something to say, soldier!" He yelled sternly, making me flinch a little.
"N-no sir," I responded, barely above a whisper.
"I'm sorry but did you say something? I COULD NOT HEAR YOU!"
"N-NO SIR!" I yelled, hoping to heavens that he would leave me alone. He sighed.
"Good." He started to move away from me and headed up the front where we could all see him. "Let that be a lesson to all of you. When I ask you something I expect to be answered. Is that clear?"
"Yes sir!" We all answered in unison.
"YES SIR!!" Our voices echoed, startling some of the other groups beside us.
"Alright then. Well since one of us seems to think that you can do whatever you like here, I think that we need to run some laps to show that this is not goddamn summer camp. Give me 50 laps, around the encampment. No stopping and if I see one person fall behind the group that will be another 5 laps. Do we understand?" He stared at me as he spoke as if to make his point clear.
Sighing and dirty looks being given my way, we all started our laps around the camp. Step by step, our feet were all in rhythm as we ran in circles. It seemed to last forever and we all started to slow down significantly around lap 30. Jinwoon had been by my side this whole time, trying to motivate me to keep up, or more like taunting me. "It's your fault so you have to make it" or "Do you want to be the reason we have to run even more laps?". Not gonna lie - it kind of helped. Hours had passed since we started and we were getting close to being done.
On our last lap, we all were exhausted beyond reason and without deviating once from each other, we made it back to Li Shang as a group. When I got to the spot, I collapsed onto the ground, my legs giving out on me as the same happened to quite a few of the others. Jinwoon panted, wiping the sweat off his head as he took a seat down beside me. While we were all exhausted, Li Shang started to clap in a slow rhythm as if congratulating us and mocking us at the same time.
"Well, you guys made it. I am impressed." He said, crossing his arms in front of him. "I had wondered if you ladies would be able to make it without one falling back but seeing you all motivate each other to keep up and slow down in the front to make it not obvious that you were going slower, it showed to me that maybe this group has hope after all." He gave a small smile as he glanced over all of us being out of breath or even physically unable respond to his comment.
"Now food was served a couple of minutes ago so you might want to hurry before there is nothing left. Or you won't be able to eat until morning." Grunts echoed around Jinwoon and I as people started to get up off the ground and jog over to the tent that the rest of the soldiers were coming out of. I slowly made it to my feet as well, with the help of Jinwoon to wobble over to the tent. By the time we got there, there was only scraps left so Jinwoon and I barely got anything to eat. We weren't really that hungry anyways after all that running, so it didn't bother us too much.
We then went back to our tents for the night after being dismissed. Once we got back in our tent we both fell on our beds, sighing heavily.
"Wow," Jinwoon started. "You were right."
"About what?" I asked, tilting my head over to face him as he did the same.
"That I wouldn't like Li Shang." I burst out laughing at his comment, making him smile. I then moved to sit up, trying to stifle my laughter as I spoke.
"Like seriously, 50 laps for talking? I would not like to see what happens when someone really upsets him." I stated, rubbing at my legs to help ease the aching.
"Agreed. Let's stay on his good side from now on. Or at least until we can leave here." He exhaled slowly, and closed his eyes as if in deep thought about something.
"Are you still worried about them?" As if reading his mind without looking at him, he quickly glanced over at me, looking shocked at my prediction. "I could practically hear the worrying coming off you when you sighed. It's okay Jinwoon, we will get to them soon. I promise," I gave him a small smile, hoping that he would return it when he just shifted his head away instead.
"We just have to go along with this story for now until we figure out what is wrong and then-"
"Excuse me?" A voice whispered outside of the tent, bringing both of our attentions to it. We looked to see a figure standing outside. Fingers wrapping around the inside, they pulled the flap back to reveal the last person I was expecting to see.
"Sorry to intrude but there are no more tents available. So, I was hoping I can stay here for now?" We both stared in shock and I silently nodded. They then brought in their things and set it in between Jinwoon and I. They started to makeshift a bed on the ground and sat down on the floor. Jinwoon and I both locked eyes, confused and startled by the sudden appearance of this person.
"So..." They started up again, feeling the sudden awkwardness in the air. "What are your guy's names? I recognize you guys from earlier. You are in my group right?"
"Right." Jinwoon answered. "My name is Lao."
"I am Ling," I added on.
"Well nice to meet you two. My name is Jimin or Mulan as my parents like to call me by." I smiled at her.
"Nice to meet you." She smiled back, making my little Mulan fangirl scream a little on the inside. She then crawled inside her blanket and covered herself in it. "Well I am going to get some sleep knowing that our ass of a general will probably wake us up early tomorrow so goodnight." She then rolled on to her side facing me and closed her eyes.
I glanced back up at Jinwoon and met his eyes as he was already looking at me. I motioned for us to go outside and he nodded, following me out quietly so as to not disturb our new bunkmate. After walking a little bit from the tent, and making sure no one else was awake, we thought that we were far enough to talk without her hearing us.
"Can you believe it? Out of all places...our tent?!" I asked, feeling a little nervous but mainly happy at the unexpected event. "Like seriously, what the hell kind of chance is that?"
"Who knows, but at least we can keep on eye on her. In case anything happens." I nodded, agreeing along with him. "And the most important thing now..." He trailed off, looking at me once more. "We can't let her find out you are a girl." My heart skipped a beat at the mention, knowing that he was right.
"If she does find out then it would change the story completely considering she is supposed to be the only 'girl' in the camp," I thought aloud. "Also both of our characters are male as well so that wouldn't be good either..." I brought my arms together in front of me and nervously started to bite my lip.
"Okay..."I started, after thinking about it. "I will act so masculine you won't even guess that I could be a woman," I said, making Jinwoon laugh at my comment. I looked up at him in confusion. "What?"
"Good luck with that." He said, walking back towards the direction of the tent. I started after him.
"What! I can be manly! Just you watch!" I yelled after him as he kept on laughing. We both crawled back into our tent and went to bed, knowing fully well that we would need our strength tomorrow.
However, just as we crawled back into the tent, two tiny figures appeared, having overheard everything we just said.
"Did you hear that Leo?" Hakyeon whispered, glancing over to the tiny cricket beside him. "There is another girl in the camp and what did she mean by 'change the story'?" He hoped Leo would have the answer but the cricket looked as lost as he did.
Hakyeon then headed inside the tent, watching the three of the us as we slept. He eyed Jinwoon and I carefully, trying to determine if we were dangerous or not to Jimin.
"We need to keep an eye on these two Leo. Just in case. Alright?" Leo saluted, indicating that he was willing to do whatever was needed for Jimin's safety. "Because if something seems fishy... we need to stop them." With one last look at each of us, they left the tent to go back to where they were before to sleep unknown to us that our well-thought out cover was already falling to pieces.

Oooo Jimin as Mulan?! She would definitely be a badass.

And who do you guys think Li Shang is? ;)
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