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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Smut & Angst Readers 18+ only Story: He liked to party and you were okay with that until you started to feel like his burden rather than his prize. (Inspired by Dean's song I'm not sorry)
Kiseok's POV Seonghwa and Kiseok got into the AOMG building with Hyukwoo and Chase. They parted ways and went to the studio to work. Jay was in the studio and Seonghwa and Kiseok walked in to sit down on the couch. Kiseok still had the lollipop in his mouth and he pulled out his phone. He went to her number, her name came up and he pressed the text message button. Seonghwa looked over his shoulder and chuckled. He leaned back on the couch and said, "So you're really going to call her?" He said. "Yeah, why else would I get her number?" Kiseok answered. "Who's number?" Jay turned around to look at them. "You remember that girl about a month ago Kiseok took home?" Seonghwa said. "You're going to have to be more specific he's taken a lot of girls home in a month." Jay laughed. "She was the cute innocent looking one. Her friend and I were sucking face all night." Seonghwa said with a chuckle. Jay shook his head while laughing at Seonghwa, "You're so fuckin' stupid. You're talking about that girl in the tight black dress. You and her got it on in the car." Jay said to Kiseok. Kiseok nodded. "Oh wow. You found her? I can't believe you're actually hung up on her though. She was that good?" Jay asked. "He just likes what she'll let him do to her." Seonghwa said. "Come on, you thought she was cute too." Kiseok said. "Yeah but you don't really do cute and innocent. She looks like the kind of girl you take home to mother. You're the type to fuck a girl you wouldn't even introduce to your friends." Jay said. They all laughed, "Look it's just one more time. She's worth a second taste." Kiseok said. "Look, in all honesty Kiseok, she doesn't seem like the type to go for one night only things. Why else would she leave before you woke up? I really think you should leave this girl alone. You could really hurt her." Seonghwa said. Kiseok looked down at his phone and then back at Seonghwa. He sighed and pocketed his phone. "Fine I won't call her." He said. "Good idea. Now let's get to work." Jay said. Y/n's POV You crossed your legs on the bed and leaned up against the head board. Ae-cha sat in front of you with her legs crossed as well. "Wait so you're telling me he asked for your number and you just gave it to him? Just like that?" She said. "Yeah, why?" You said. "Y/n Simon Dominic is no normal guy, he's a rapper a pretty famous one too. Do you know what your getting yourself into?" "Ae-cha you're getting worked up over nothing, I don't think he's really going to call." You chuckled. "But he asked for your number what guy asks for a girls number and doesn't call them?" She said. You looked at her like that was a stupid question, "Lots of them." You answered. She was about to retort but she stopped herself and took a breath. You smirked at her as she recollected her thoughts and made sure what she said next was appropriate. "Y/n he asked for your number and you agreed to a one night only thing. The kind of guy he his, the kind people he's around- look I'm not trying to make it sound like you're not beautiful but you're not in the same status as him." She said. You nodded, "I know that. I know that compared to him I am a nobody and chances are even if he does call he's looking for nothing more than sex." "And you're okay with that?" She said confused. You laughed, "You're not? You live your life through one night stands. You've been telling me for sometime now to get the hell out of the house and live. Well, I am so what's the big deal?" You said. "The big deal is it's not you Y/n. When I told you to go wild, I meant push the boundaries a little. Let a guy buy you a drink, show some cleavage, pick a different sandwich to eat at lunch, seriously it's like you're addicted to those things." She said. You laughed, "I kind am, they're really good." "Not the point," She said sternly. "What's gotten into you? You're all about relationships and commitment and all that bullshit. It works for you, why are you giving up on that?" "Who says I'm giving up," You laughed. "Look so far this past year has been complete shit. You were right I need to just be wild so sleeping with a guy that I have no intention of seeing again is the perfect way to decompress. Jihoon and I have been broken up for a few months now, I don't think getting laid is my biggest problem. Don't forget you were the one to tell me to give him a break that night." "Yeah but I didn't mean screw him." She said. "He was bigger than Jihoon." "Wow really?" She leaned in with a new interest in mind. You laughed at how quickly her mind switched as if size was the more important topic on hand. She shook her head and you looked up at your open door. Hakyeon walked into your room and got on his knees but leaned his upper body over the bed, "What are you ladies talking about?" He said. He dyed his hair red recently and it looked nice. It was fiery and brought his face to life a bit. You ran your fingers through his hair while Ae-cha said, "Thank goodness you're here maybe you can talk some sense into her." "What's going on?" He asked. "Simon asked for her number and she just gave it to him. " "Simon? Wait isn't that the guy you went out with a month ago?" He asked turning his head to you. He turned back once Ae-cha quickly said, "Yes and he wants to sleep with her." "Ae!" You said. "Wait and you're actually thinking about it?" Hakyeon said sitting up straight. You let go of his hair and you smiled at him, "It's not like he's going to call." You said. "But you are thinking about it?" He said. You nodded. "There's no reasoning with her." Ae-Cha said. "I feel like we've had this conversation before in reverse." Hakyeon said. You laughed, "That's because we have, like a million times." "No there's a difference, I'm already kind of a hoe I've accepted that," You started laughing, "But Y/n you're the type of girl to settle down you always have been. I'm an irresponsible person we can not have two irresponsible people in the group it'll bring about the apocalypse. Booty calls are how STDs spread, damn it." She said. Both you and Hakyeon laughed at her freaking out. "Okay over dramatic. It's not like he's really going to call and even if he did call and even if I did agree to another one night stand we'd use protection." You said. "Oh yeah and with you're luck you'll end up with the prize. Or a baby." She said. "Oh hey that's not fair. You should have at least six kids by now." Hakyeon said. She glared at him and you both laughed, "Ae-cha you told me to go wild. Don't you understand for me this is going wild. You're right relationships are my kind of thing, one night stands aren't but that doesn't mean this is a forever thing. It's not like he'll call anyway." You said. "Hakyeon say something." Ae-cha said. He took in a deep breath and then sighed, "Honestly I'm with Y/n on this one." "What?!" She practically screamed. Hakyeon stood up and sat on the bed next to her, "Look Y/n's had it rough for a while it might do her some good to have a little fun. Besides she's right you've been encouraging her to let loose a little so let her enjoy it for a minute. It's not like she's sleeping around with a different guy every night." He said. "Thank you." You smiled. "What if she gets hurt?" Ae-cha said looking at him then back up at you. He let out a short sigh, "Well then we'll be there for her like the good friends we are but it's obviously something she has to experience on her own and it's not like we can stop her anyway. It's her own choice." He said. You stuck you tongue out at Ae-cha playfully. She looked away indignant. You chuckled. Hakyeon then focused on you. "Don't think I'm all for this Y/n. Listen to me, guys do and say some stupid stuff to get what they want so just becareful around him. Don't get drunk around him again. I'm not saying you can't drink just don't get drunk, be able to make good decisions or at least sane ones. I want you to be careful, okay." You nodded. "It's not like he's really going to call." You said. Honestly he didn't. Two weeks passed by and not a word was said. You continued with your life as you always had and Ae-cha said nothing more about it as well as Hakyeon. She wasn't sore with you either. You had come home from the liquor store after she sent you out to get some wine. Hakyeon and Ae-cha were having a big double date tonight and they were kindly having you cook the food then kicking you out. You were actually fine with it, you didn't want to be around when their dates showed up anyway. You would've been the awkward fifth wheel. Of course Hakyeon said you weren't the awkward fifth wheel, you were the helpful spare tire useful during an emergency but not really needed while everything was functional. Ae-cha threw salad lettuce at him when he said that. It made you laugh too, you knew he was just teasing you. Dinner was mostly done and you had Ae-cha look after everything when you went to get the wine. You presented the wine to them and then headed into your room to get some stuff while you headed out. You didn't really have anyone else to hang out with. At best you could go annoy your brother and go see his pregnant wife. She couldn't have been more than three months by now. You waved goodbye to them and headed out the door when your phone began to ring. You laughed and answered the phone without looking at who called thinking it was either Ae-cha or Hakyeon calling you for something, "Don't tell me you already let something burn." You said laughing. "Baby Y/n." A male voice came. You stopped walking and looked at the phone. Who called you that? Then you remembered who, "Kiseok?" You said. "Ah so you do remember me. Who did you think you were talking too?" He really called, holy shit. You chuckled embarrassed and started walking, "Sorry, sorry I answered without looking I thought maybe one of my friends burned the food already." You explained. "Oh, you're having dinner with your friends?" He asked amused. "Ah that's a definite no. They're having a double date tonight and they had me cook because neither one of them can." You said. "Oh so you're free tonight then." "Yeah, looks that way." You said. "Good, then tell me where you're at now and I'll pick you up." He said. "Um Kiseok that's really not necessary-" "Come on, let's have some fun. We're going out to dinner tonight it's a huge dressy event and I need a date." He said with amusement. "I don't have anything Kiseok and even if I did I can't go back to the house I'll interrupt something." You said. "I've already got something for you. Just tell me where you're at I'll come pick you up. It's a free dinner Y/n and a free dress how can you say no?" "Oh it's pretty easily." You laughed. "Are you afraid of me?" He asked seriously. You stopped walking again and looked up at the sky. It was freezing outside and small snowflakes were starting to fall. You leaned against a wall and sighed, "That's not exactly the word I'd use." You said. "Tell me where you are baby. I'll come pick you up." He said. His voice was like a coo, it had your heart pumping and you could remember the fierce way he devoured your lips and slapped your ass. Your body warmed up to the thought of having him touch you like that again. "Y/n." He sang. You sighed, "Do you know where the Mouse Rabbit Coffee place is?" "Yeah, I'll be there in a few." "Okay." The tone in his voice sounded like a smile. You hung up and headed inside the coffee shop and ordered coffee. You waited for about a good twenty minutes. The door opened and he pulled his hood down and looked around to find you. He smiled when he saw you and you got up and threw your empty coffee cup away. He grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him and he immediately dipped his head down to kiss you, "You're really cute." He whispered against your lips. "I feel like you're setting me up for something." You said. He leaned down to your ear and whispered dangerously "I am." He stood up straight and smiled at you as he wrapped his arm around your neck. He walked you out to his car and let you get in. You leaned against the door on your side and looked out the window at the snow falling. Simon closed the door and you looked back at him, "I thought you said this was a dressy kind of thing?" You said. He nodded, "It is, we'll get changed at my place and then head over to the party." "When does it start?" You asked. "At seven." "So an hour ago." You laughed. "Yeah but I always come in late to these things, they can be a little boring." "You waited until an hour before this party to ask for a date? Why me?" You laughed. He smiled and leaned in close to you, "You look good next to me. A sweet face like yours is exactly what I need." He said. "I'm flattered." You smiled with your sarcastic remark. He pushed your chin over to face him more and he planted another kiss on your lips. His tongue made its way into your mouth and you moaned involuntarily against his lips. You pulled away and blushed hard, "I-I can't." You said nervous. "You didn't seem to mind before." "Before I was drunk." You said. He nodded, "Okay baby Y/n. I won't be bad, just a kiss okay. We'll be at my place soon anyway. Can I take just one more?" He said. Ae-cha was right it was dangerous to play with him but he was intriguing to you. There was something about him you couldn't resist for long. Maybe that's why he was all wrong for you. Simon's hand came to cup your cheek and he moved back to your lips slowly. This time he savored the kiss, making slow movements but his tongue went deep into your mouth. He kissed you deep and long. You felt his hand go to your waist and he came closer to you until he was almost all over you. He moved his lips down to your neck and his tongue roamed on the side. Your breathing became shallow and your head rolled back. He bit at flesh just lightly enough not to leave a mark. You were getting wet. "Ki-kiseok." You moaned lightly. You couldn't do this right now, you did when you were drunk but your inhibitions were down. You were very aware there was a driver in the car with you. His hand came to your breast and he massaged it while his lips continued to move slow on your neck. He let his lips run smooth along your skin, he took in your scent. He came back to your lips while his thumb rolled over your nipple. "Kiseok, stop no more." You whined helplessly. He pulled back and smiled at you, "Took you longer to say it then I thought it would." You were panting, your thighs rubbed together to get some friction. "Shit all of that turned you on?" He said surprised. You looked down to hide your embarrassment. He leaned over to see your face and he chuckled when you looked away, "Wow you are adorable. You're really sensitive aren't you? If you want we don't have to go, I can take care of you in the penthouse." "Kiseok please stop teasing me." You pouted. "Alright alright, but I mean it if you really don't want to go I won't make you. I won't even touch you if you don't want me to." He said. He looked outside his window but he kept his hand on the seat. You sat back and calmed yourself down. Your face was hot and you wanted him to touch you. Your body was screaming for it. "We're here." His driver said. Simon got out and then came around to open your door. He held his hand open to you to help you out. You took it and he held your hand as you two walked into the building to get to his penthouse. Your fingers laced with his and it felt oddly couple like. You missed that feeling, the feeling of being someone's. You shook your head. Ae-cha would punch you if you started falling for this guy yet it was in your nature to want a relationship..... She was right. You were feeling something for him and you shouldn't have been. He gave you the dress once you reached the penthouse and you two got dressed. You were surprised to find that it actually fit you, it was weird. How did he know what you wore? Either way the dress was beautiful, it was dark blue and tied around your neck, it accented your breast and the curves of your body. There was a slit that came up the side of your leg. You fixed you hair so it framed your face so that your ears didn't get too cold. You put your winter coat back on and waited for Simon by the door. "You dress quick." He said smiling at you. You'd turned around at the right moment to see the smile. His smile was alluring, way too hard for you to resist. "You look beautiful. The dress fits you well, I'm glad. I had two others for you to try if it didn't." He said. Ah trial and error was his plan, not a bad one but he didn't have to go and buy three dresses, they were probably expensive. "Thank you it was really nice of you to get me the dress." You said. "You're being a little too formal Y/n don't tell me I made you that nervous." He said. You looked away, he chuckled and took your hand in his and walked you out of the penthouse and back to his car. Off to the party you two went...
his parents better not be there Craig!
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um I am a bit nervous about this party ......
😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 I wouldn't be πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I lobe how you gave him. a driver... funny
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Uuummmmm, Lucy!!!! You got some explaining to do!!!!
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