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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here. I'm here to bring you SHINee song Sunday where it's basically, well I'll show you. Its kind of like a song appreciation, but it's not at the same's quite complicated when I try to explain it even though the concept is quite condescending. Anyway, since it's thevfirst week I was wracking my brain to try to find the perfect song to start out with, but then it finally struck me, "why not have the first week be dedicated to their debut song?" so here's Replay.
Okay so here's the music video, a live version from their debut, and live version from 2015 because I couldn't resist.....sorry not sorry.
Next the lyrics, so those people that don't speak Korean (me) can understand what they're saying.
I couldn't end without the fanchants now could I? I honestly can't hear anything, but if either works then I'm glad I could help.
Okay I know this is what people hate the most about cards, but here's my opinion. In all honesty, this song is quite amazing. I love it to the moon and back and I literally fawn every time Onew says MVP like it's so heavenly. (even though I will be doing this opinion section every week I can guarantee you 11/10 times it will be praising them because they are amazing little balls of sunshine.) Alrighty guys that's it for this week. Comment which songs you would like me to do next week (gets no comments.). Have a happy Sunday and I hope to see you next week! Lastly, always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.

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I love this song, especially since I am a Noona!
Replay and the follow up Love Sick are my 2 favorite SHINee songs (even though I love them all), but you're a monster for putting the 2015 version. T_T
I know this got nothing to do with your card but I had to share. I'm currently watching Descendants of the Sun kdrama. I didn't know that Onew came out in it. He's really good in it. 😆
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@awkwardjazzy He's my bias from Shinee too 😆
(I'm tagged in the "lovely shawols" section, but with my old username. I used to be "yehetmyohorat99" but I'm "yehetmyohorat97" now :) )
I'll fox that! Thank you~
i love their debut song. when they sing it i can feel the love they have for the fans