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Why do people have to complain about every little thing and judge every MV they see? Ravi tweeted an apology to fans for something he didn't do! We all know he wouldn't do something like that! You made him edit out a huge chunk of his MV. 😑 I found nothing offensive about it! Whoever started it, I hope you're happy with your immature selves. Enough ranting.... Let's all show support for Ravi and help him out by listening to his album and voting for him etc.!
πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ people see ONE THING and then keyboard warrior themselves into oblivion 😑 edit: I just saw it and apparently it's been edited already and the part where he "objectifies girls" isn't in it 😑 smh ppl these days are way too friggin sensitive and don't understand ART. //sighs. Sorry rant over
I'm still very pissed about it.
@ArmyofKookie what happened?? Idk what ppl got upset about??
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@CLAKPOP OMG XD thats what I was taking too lmao
I liked the mv what is the problem seriously